Infinite Warfare Zombies Trainer Please

Can somebody make a infinite warfare zombies trainer? I’d really like to get the easter egg done and it will be super easy if I have cheats. Some good features would be:

  1. Infinite health
  2. Infinite ammo
  3. Infinite points
  4. permanent insta kill
  5. spawn weapon pack a punch power up
  6. spawn fire sale power up.
    I’d really appreciate it.

I doubt you will get a trainer for the 'Zombies" mode, because it still requires an Internet connection, IMO, even if you play solo.

It features leaderboards as well.

Sometimes if there is a constant online check and connection to the server, then it would be difficult to mod it for Zombies (solo/co-op), and WEMOD don’t support online cheating, or anything related to it.

I doubt Infinity Ward has fully changed how ‘Zombies’ now works in Infinite Warfare (PC version), but in most cases the chances might be slim for a trainer being made for this specific Game mode.

The trainer developer @STN might have a better answer to this.

Zombies is co-op. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands TPS are co-op games too. I don’t really see a difference here.

Zombies is online and have leader boards you will get banned and we are not going to screw over the leader boards.

Borderlands and Call of duty are completely different games.

It’s not just that zombies is online, the game has anti-cheats even in single player campaign!. If i was able to make some cheats work for zombies, a week or two later there will be a ban-wave and then we will get all the blame. Activision has been banning people for cheating in zombies mode since bo2 and it didn’t make sense then, it doesn’t now but its their game. I also have no intentions to do multiplayer cheats even if i can, zombies is online now.

When you can play it with no internet then let me know and i will make a trainer. You can play BL2 with internet unplugged fyi

They ban people for cheating in zombies? shieeet that’s new. They don’t even care about people cheating in multiplayer and they ban people for cheating in zombies?

Of course they care. But people using the hacks online use the kind of hacks that are made to circumvent game’s anti-cheat or its very hard to detect e.g aimbots/ESPs whereas health and other cheats in zombies is super easy to detect.