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Infinity app: black screen


When I start up the app it just turns black after a second or two. I’ve tried deleting the app and download it again, but it didn’t help. I would appreciate if someone could help me fix this. I really enjoy using the app so this really sucks.

Hi, I’m going to send you a message. If anybody else is experiencing this issue, please contact me.

i too am also suffering from this issue

Hey I have the same problem. How do I fix it?

hey frank, have you encountered anything like this before?

This happens when one of WeMod’s processes crashes. Typically when keeping the app open for too long. How long was the app open, and does it happen every time you use the app?

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Every time I press space it freezes then turns black same to me here

End all WeMod processes in task manager then reopen. It should display the screen.


I have same problem here, three times.