Infinity Cheat Request

Hey WeMod,

I am new to Infinity, but I am very impressed with what you guys do here. However, I was wondering if you would be interested in creating a cheat for the game Dead By Daylight. I have not seen it on the request page yet, so I am almost certain that no one has suggested it yet.



We do not support cheating in multiplayer games, so there will not be cheats made for Dead By Daylight.


you made cheats for Dragon Ball And other Final Fantasy games --> I play dbxv2 that’s multiplayer --> and so is Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4…?

are those different type of online

They may have online components but they can all be played offline. We are very strict about making sure it won’t ruin the multiplayer aspect for people.

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Friday the 13th The game Had a new gamemode ago which is offline boths =/

@Theidiotm8 vote for it?

Write in the trainer thread.
@Chris close this please.