Infinity Fails To Load Civilization 6

Upon launching Civilization Six from Infinity, and upon trying to connect Civilization 6 while the game is open, Steam gives this message:

I have tried running Infinity in Administrator, but that’s a no go.

Welp start the game first then back out to desktop then start the trainer through infinity wallà

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Gonna have to say no for that bit of advice, but thanks for trying.

What it don’t work ? Or no you don’t wanna try it ?
Wait " trying to connect " ? Your not trying to use this online are ya ?

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What happens when you click ok in steam?

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@ptondo It simply didn’t work. And yes, I did try it. I meant opening Civ 6 & trying to see if Infinity would connect to the already opened game, which it did not.

@N1ceToMeetYou It will open Civ 6, then Infinity just stops detecting that the game is open.

Do you have an antivirus?

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If you going to suggest that I check if it’s being blocked - I’ve already done that. Both Steam and Infinity are free from my antivirus.

Which one are you using?

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You mean which antivirus? Vipre.

I don’t know that one but some AVs keep blocking infinity even if an exception was added. Disable it completely and try again

Thanks for your help. It’s working fine now! Don’t know why that didn’t work the first time I turned it off, though. :man_shrugging:

You’re welcome.
Some AV’s are just too aggressive and didn’t get enough love in their lives so they block anything that comes close to them.