Infinity For Infinity Warfare Zombies

I use infinity for cod zombies (Thank You) works in all except in
Infin War I have found the only button to work is infin ammo which is great cos it gives you that bit more of an edge health and everything else you work for (if it only had 1 button it’d be ammo for me) But theres a but, when in game play you have to take all fingers off all buttons (forward motion / firing) comes to a stop WELL when you have 3 brutes in infinite warfare zoms up ya tail pipe thats the last thing to do in that situation to double click assigned button off / then back on that’s the only pain but besides thumbs up… now is there a way to fix this and was health in zombies sorted?

Infinity isn’t for online modes.

I know its not for online im against online cheats didn’t know what you was on about till I re read don’t know why I put multi meant to say zombies but is there a fix?

Again, infinity isn’t for online modes, and zombies are online. Even solo requires an internet connection and scores are set on an online scoreboard (among other things).