Infinity not finding sniper elite 4 after start

Infinity found Sniper elite 4 and starts it all right. then it says "We’re having trouble finding your game. Try restarting it, then press the ‘start Game’ button again"
I did that, but it does not work.
I am running Sniper on Steam on a Win10 64bit machine.

Any advise?


Start the game then alt tab out and start Infinity. Some games have long load times that cause problems when started from Infinity.

Even then after a minute or so it still says “…trouble finding…” and wants me to restart it. can it be a problem with Bitdefender?

Edit: Works well with my Skyrim, so probably not a Bitdefender issue

Disable/add infinity to your whitelist. There was someone else with exact error caused by his AV. Each trainer is different so maybe the AV is triggering for se4 but not skyrim.

If that doesn’t fix, try checking if wmic is working correctly on your system - No games working since update

same for me.

Whitelisting did not help, and I have NO service wmic running in the task manager. How can I change that?

Edit: only WmiApSrv.exe and WmiPrvSE.exe are running

Edit2: As I have the Taskmanager open on a second screen I see the wmic pop up between the two aforementioned every 30 secs for about 1 sec and then disappear again ?!?

Edit3: when I load SE2 via Infinity wmic pops up every 2 seconds and then disapeares again after 1 seconde

Are you running in directx 12 or 11?

am running DX12

@Wegger @Oran This trainer is for dx11. Totally forgot this game had two separate exes.

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can you tell me what as a trainer maker you do? Do you mod?

two seperate exes? ok, found them in SE4/bin …DX11.exe and …DX12.exe. How can I make sure the launcher is picking the …DX11.exe?

Change your directx version in game settings to 11. Infinity launches the correct exe but your game switches to dx12 because of your graphics settings.

Uncheck d3d12

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Excellent, that solved the problem. many thanks for taking time to help me :slight_smile:

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