Infinity Remote App Pro Tip

So @frank just added a really cool feature where if you add the Remote to your homescreen, it will act as a standalone app. It won’t have the address bar or bottom menu bar, so it will almost feel like a native app.

For iOS and Android, simply go to and you will see a popup like so:



This is cool.

I really appreciate FRANK’s hard work, knowledge and skills. You guys here at WEMOD are just awesome, and saying this is just not enough.

I’m pretty sure, WEMOD cheats/trainers are going to get more popular, than they are today. Keep the new features coming ! :thumbsup:

INFINITY has got a lot of potential. Cheers, Nick.


This is awesome!

Tried it out and it worked like a charm for me at least!
No flaws as far as i can see.

But at least this make it look like an app like everyone are nagging you about :slight_smile:
And for now its pretty fool proof from what i can manage to see!

Great Work Staff :ok_hand:

im not getting the pop-up to add it to my homescreen on my android via google chrome

I think the popup was fake, since it appears to be on top of two different screenshots.

Try pressing the three dots in the upper right corner of chrome.

i got it to work, yeah that first screenshot i think was for iphone not android thats why i was confused as to why it wasnt working but yeah i added it to my homescreen and its working :smile:

The popup isn’t fake. It popped up on my phone the first time I used the remote today.

Same here.

I was on a slow network, it took some sec for it to appear.
But it will.

this remote App stuff and idea is really nice. :slight_smile:

@Zach it would be cool if we could do the same with the community to make it look like an app

You can do it already on android and iOS. I’m not sure if chrome has the option to do it in iOS but I know safari does and Chrome does in android.

I can add it like the remote but then it just doesn’t load up like the remote does

That sucks, work perfectly for me

Works the exact same for me. What is different about it?

Got it working, guess it was just being slow

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There was a bug with the site and remote being slow every 30 minutes. Should be fixed now.