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Infinity sucks

Ok so I’m not trying to bad mouth the creators or anything but this app really sucks because I’ve done everything that has been mentioned in all the other topics but still my infinity app still won’t launch and when it does it doesn’t detect any of my installed games.

Millions of others would disagree. It’s obviously something with your system.

Maybe my art sucks, but WeMod does not.



Well if your still trying infinity your way behind it has been wemod for more than a year now
Disable your antivirus restart PC then try this one
Or whitelist the exe’s in your antivirus

This works the Same for all of them

I would disagree with the sucking part too.


Also disagree with the sucking part.

Works perfectly 100% of the time for me. The issue is clearly user-sided. Follow the advice given above. :slight_smile: