Infinity won't load

Whenever I try to load Infinity it just displays a blue window and never loads anything even if I leave it for ages I have tried everything like deleting the cache, presing ctrl+shift+d and uninstalling and reinstalling

How bout adding it your antivirus white list.
Or its your firewall blocking it

I have a similar problem with it showing nothing, and then at times when I close it out and start it up again. I can’t find the program as I see it running on my taskbar, but I have three screens and when I try to right click it to try and click on the move option. it’s not there. I then try the Windows key and the arrow key to get it to move: Snake eyes. Now if you’re going to say “Antivirus” or “Firewall” I’m just using the Windows version. and it already knows to allow Infinity. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still won’t respond.

I uninstalled it again at 1:48am EST,
Used CCleaner’s registry cleaner at 1:49, fixed 67 issues
Ran another sweep at 1:51, no issues found
reinstalling Infinity at 1:52.
Program started and still can’t get it to come up. My only option is to restart my system and I shouldn’t have to restart my system just to get the program working within normal parameters again.