Infinity won't run games in Steam's Big Picture mode

Running any game through Infinity’s launcher will run the game through Steam if it’s a Steam game, and Steam will run in desktop mode. But I’m using the Steam Controller, which requires games to be running in Big Picture mode to enable game-specific button maps. Changing Steam’s mode to Big Picture won’t change the way games are launched, though.

Is there a way to make Steam run in Big Picture when launching games through Infinity?

Tested with Hyperdimension Neptunia VII (pirated) and Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (legal).

Steam games have a drm that makes the exe run through steam even if you launch it manually.

You can start the trainer after the game though.

You can start the trainer after the game though.

That was very counter-intuitive. I had to run the game through Steam (as a non-Steam game) and then click Play on its page in Infinity. Thanks.

Yupp @sNaKe is right I use steam link on my deck and after it starts I just hit the windows button then start infinity that way works perfect !