Injustice: Gods Among Us - Maximum experience + Unlocks

Just quickly modded experience. All you have to do is load up this save, win any one battle and you’ll reach level 519 and get a bunch of unlocks, and quite a few achievements too :smile: Remember to rehash & resign!

To get most your unlocks, from the main menu go to “Bonus Features”, then “Archives”, then unlock whatever you want. You should have enough Armory Keys to unlock every outfit, and wayyy more than enough Access Cards.



Open Me

Holy ****! This is awesome. Thank you!! :smile:

Thanks, dec1337! This will help a lot with getting quick unlocks and achievments.

Nice WOOOOP Thanks

No work…

NiCe…Thank you,will be trying this soon…

the DCFGSET file should be 2, 60 KB and 200 kb, you put only one 200 KB

This is the container file, it’s the only file you need trust me.

Not Working

You’re doing something wrong. Exactly what steps did you take to try this save?

please tell me how to properly install this…
step by step. Thank you…

This game is out?

Leaked yes!dont know if you can play it online yet though but I’ve been playing it on my rgh and the game is pritty ****ing cool. I’ve been going All asian with night wing learning all his moves and so far have gotten to beat the AIs on hard :3


dec1337 you are my hero.

You were talking about modifying the coalesced values in a separate thread. Any chance you could post up the file so I can see the values? I’d like to make patcher so ppl can mod it easier. Thx in advance

  1. Download the .zip file from the link I have provided in the first post.
  2. Extract the .zip file anywhere on your computer.
  3. The file you extracted should be called “DCFPSET”, with no extension as this is the con file.
  4. Drag & drop “DCFPSET” into Horizon.
  5. You should see “Profile ID: 0000000000000000”.
  6. Change this ID to the profile ID you wish to use this save on.
  7. Click “Save, Rehash and Resign” and click “ok” on the dialogue that pops up.
  8. Now insert an Xbox 360 formatted USB into your computer.
  9. Using the Device Explorer on the right hand side of Horizon, simply drag and drop the “DCFPSET” file onto your USB flash drive.
  10. Once transferred, connect the USB back into your Xbox, sign in on your Xbox with the Profile that you used to enter the Profile ID.
  11. Load up Injustice, and when the game asks you to locate your save game, select your USB.
  12. Win any fight (make sure you earn at least 1 exp) and you will see everything unlock.

I don’t have it any more but what you’re looking for is the Transformers: FoC coalsced decompressor / compressor. :thumbsup:

I don’t have it any more but what you’re looking for is the Transformers: FoC coalsced decompressor / compressor. :thumbsup:

Bummer. I actually already tried that and it didnt work. Apparently coalsced’s are not universal (they differ game to game in structure sometimes). Theres also coalsced editors for Gears of War 2 and Mass Effect and none work for the Injustice coalsced

wow this is awesome bro nice job :laughing:

i got the level to stick and stuff but unlock keys and stuff wont…

scratch that im stupid lol i got it to work

I noticed this, first thing I tried was Gears 2 editor :stuck_out_tongue: Then I tried looking for any coalsced decompressor on Google, found a link to the Transformers coalsced tool but it didn’t work. It was a standalone .exe and I was using the correct commands to decompress it, just kept giving me errors. I looked around some more and find a site with the (looks like) same tool, only for some reason it worked. I only decompressed it though, don’t know if this tool worked in reverse too and re-compressed (it’s supposed to, but I didn’t try it)