Input lag when using Wemod

I’m having a strange issue where every now and again I’ll get some sort of input lag with movement or turning the camera etc.

Typically I’ll stop pressing W and for a few seconds after I’ll still be walking forward, or with turning I’ll let go of the mouse and still be spinning.

Only happens when using Wemod and I’ve tested multiple games on different drives and even disabled my antivirus to rule it out (Wemod is white listed anyway). I’ve even uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times but I’m still getting this issue.

Any help would be great!

The main thing to remember is that the game itself is using some RAM resources, and Wemod also use some RAM, so when combined, your RAM performance may be suffering.

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I thought the same thing, but I did test older games as well which would use way less ram and when I have my performance up when playing I still have RAM to spare. I’m using two sticks of 8gb DDR4 @ 3200.

I’ll run a diagnostic on the RAM just incase as it’s not out of the ordinary for a stick to start going bad I guess.

I appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

Just checked my RAM and I’m getting zero errors

I’m not speaking of errors here, tho.

I’m gonna make up a bunch of numbers here to make my point. Let’s say you have 100 Ram, 60 is being used to run the game itself. That leaves 40 RAM to carry other functions: such as pre-loading the next room you’re about to enter, or pre-loading grahpical things that are far away as you draw closer to them, so the whole experience feels seamless as you move about.

Now the game with wemod- maybe it looks like the game is using 60 ram, and the wemod is using 20 ram, so that means you have 20 ram left. Instead of the 40 as above. The difference is noticeable, when you see more strutting, more slowdowns as the game loads up new contents, etc.

That’s what i mean by performance issues. Not errors.

With all that said though, isn’t 16gb of RAM more than enough? I was playing DOOM 3 last night which used next to nothing and it was still happening. I also don’t have anything heavy being used when I game either so I’m not sure what else could be eating RAM up to such an extent.