Install on 2nd computer

Hello, after installing on my laptop and paying for a pro subscription, I tried to install Wemod on a 2nd computer, but it starts out with a different random username assigned, and if I try to change it to the one I was originally assigned, it says that account is already in use.

Is it possible to install on multiple computers and be signed into the same account? If so, please let me know how.

Thank you


When you are logged out of your account you are given a temporary guest account and need to log out of it before trying to log into your existing account.

The error saying that the account already exists tells us that you are trying to register, not log in.

You need to press the red log out button first in the settings, to log out of the guest account. Then you’ll see the login screen.

Full instructions and images here: How do I log in to my account? - WeMod Support.

Thanks for the help!