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"Installation has failed"

I recently updated WeMod, and after I shut down my computer, the shortcut I had created said that the shortcut is redundant as the .exe file no longer exists.
This has never happened before, but I figured I’d try to redownload it. I got this instead.Installation fails after multiple attempts.

If a support staff or a known member gets back to me, I will send them the log that it has given me. Thanks!

After reading many other support messages, I would like to clarify that I do not have my Anti Virus enabled, nor do I have Comcast or an internet provider that provides advanced security.

You say you dont have your antivirus enabled but what antivirus do you have anyhow?
Installation failed is I’m gonna guess antivirus related. Just didnt catch it before
Ok we got it in discord. See what happens when whitelist avast anti virus

Hi I have the same issue. But I have turned off all my Securities like anti-virus and Firewall with Bulldog Anti-Virus. I had the app installed working fine until it update then stopped working. Now every time at re-installation it says check the file log or contact the Author for more information.

That’ll happen, I’d try whitelisting the EXE’s listed in this topic. If that doesn’t work you’ll most likely need to disable Bulldog as it’s too sensitive