Invalid stfs package

when i try to inject ice age 3 game to my kingston data traveler 16 gb usb, the it says: invalid STFS package. Anyone knows how to fix this?
and when i try to quick fix it, it says: not a valid CON STFS package!

go to computer, and open your drive, put it in that way dude

what do you mean? when i go to my computer, it shows that my usb has free space only 416 kb, but in horizon it shows free space 14.3 gb free space,. so what should i do, the space in my computer is low because i formatted in xbox, or did i do it wrong? beacause my xbox isn’t modded or anything like that.

This is because you have configured the hard drive, on the xbox, so you have used all the space, you’ll have to ‘unconfigure’ it to get ice age 3 across dude, glad i could help :smiley:

or can i delete the hidden files on my flash drive?

then how can i unconfigure it?

im not entirely sure, i think you put it back on your xbox and press ‘y’, there i think it says something about unconfiguration

You can’t inject full games with horizon unless it is a GOD or arcade game.

but xbox needs fat32 file system, doesn’t it? and my game file size is 7.4 gb.

oh, this wont work i thought you meant dvd -.- :L

So anyone else doesnt know how to put full games on usb using horizon?

You can’t use Horizon to do that. You’ll have to use a different device explorer, use Party Buffalo.

anyone else doesnt know how to do that?

Horizon only allows you to interact with the STFS packages on your device. So anytime you want to put something else on there, you’re going to have to use a different program.

with party buffalo i can inject full game to usb and play off xbox360? :smiley:

You can’t play full games off a usb unless they are Games on Demand games. You can only do that with a JTAG/RGH console. If you don’t have one of those, you’re wasting your time. If you want free games, you should look into getting your console flashed.

will i still be able to play online? and how to flash? also is there any way i coult convert full game iso’s to Games on Demand?

and will i be able to inject all games on demant games using horizon? because i downloaded left for dead 2, but it still shows error

  1. To play a game off of a usb it must be a jtag or RGH. You can find those Here
  2. Learn how to flash your xbox Here
  3. No you cant convert a full game to iso’s to games on demand. You must purchase them on xbox.
  4. You can only inject games on demands, or arcade games with horizon.

but the game left 4 dad 2 is game on demand, isn’t it? but i downloaded it.