Invalid STFS package

Every time I try to inject a file it states “Invalid STFS package.” Now I see people have said to not make it a zip but I did and it still says it.


Invalid STFS package just means wrong file extension. Use the file extension the xbox will be able to read.

But how will I be able to do that. This is the first time I’ve used or even tried to get a minecraft map. But this map, I really want. Its called Greenfield and its amazing but the website only dose a zip. Nothing else.

ZIPs are compressed containers/archives. The map file is inside.

I know but it says you cant open the file. probably because its for minecraft not PC

Open the zip and drag the file/map that’s in it into the gray area of Horizon. If it’s a valid Xbox 360 file it will open without any errors.

But what will I do if it isnt valid.

Please post a link to where you downloaded the save from. I can check and give you a positive yes or no.

If it isn’t valid then it’s not a 360 file or you’re doing something wrong.

Why do you think that map would be xbox compatable? The page doesn’t have xbox written anywhere and site is like 99.99% pc (some xbox content but very little last time I checked).

I know but you can still import it it just might take a little while

No you can’t.

did you try?

No. You can’t add files for PC games with Horizon. End of story. If someone told you you could they either lied or have no clue what they’re talking about,.

Can you with other modding apps?