iPhone 6S?

Just wanted to know what you guys think about apple’s new iPhone. Will any of you guys be buying it and do you think it’s worth the purchase?

For me, I think it was worth the purchase. I’m coming from an iPhone 5 16GB with a disabling shattered screen to a 6s 64GB. I guess asking if its worth it depends on your situation.

The force touch thing looks pretty interesting but I feel as though it will take some time to get used to and I’m looking forward to those new cameras :smile:

I currently have the 6 and i’m upgrading to the 6S Plus. For someone who practically makes a living off my phone, it’s worth it to me.

Another $800+ for almost the same phone? I believe it’s a waste of money.

All the features honestly looked like it was meant to be part of iOS 9.

I think you mean 3d touch.

Personally I think it is a waste if you are on a 6(+). There isn’t that much gained by switching and at $1000 to buy a new 128gb outright I will be passing. My 6 is treating me well still.

Ill be picking up the 6s+ 64gb on launch day at AT&T. I have a macbook pro and the benefits of being in the all apple ecosystem are pretty great. If you have the money, yes.

I’ll pass on this version as I have the 6 plus and probably get the 7 whenever it releases.

Yeah yeah, force touch sounds so much more appealing though.

Anyway, I heard the size of the battery in the 6s has been decreased. I am hoping the life of it has not been reduced as a result. Apple appears to be flaunting that iOS 9 as well as the actual hardware within has been thoroughly optimized to increase battery life but I guess we will find out on release day. There always seem to be problems regarding battery life not long after releases.