Is a Nightingale trainer coming soon?

I was hoping there would be a Nightingale trainer by now, any word on when we might possibly see one? Also, thank you for the amazing work and trainers you all make, I really appreaciate you all!!

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Welcome to the community.

Trainers are made or updated depending on the game’s popularity amongst all of the gamers at WeMod. This democratic system makes sure that WeMod is spending its resources on the things that the community want the most first.

Aside from this, according to the required specs listed for the game on Steam, a constant internet connection is required in order to play the game. This means there is a chance the game is entirely server-sided, meaning a trainer would be both technologically and legally impossible, unless there is some sort of solo offline mode available in the game.

Click the Notify Me button on the game’s page in the WeMod software to show your interest.
And check the Creator tab in the WeMod software to see the current development queue.
More about how it all works here:

Have an awesome weekend!

They are working on an offline version of the game hopefully soon because i really want cheats for this it make my game play experience so much better. Thanks for the update and thanks for all you do!

I know that the cheat engine works on item values. So I’m pretty sure if enough people press the “notify me” button, there will be trainer made. Even though it might lack many features…

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There will not be a trainer created at this time. Once they release offline support a trainer creator will reevaluate the game and decide if a trainer is possible at that time.

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