Is horizon a virus?

every time i try to download horizon i get a virus warning/please help:’(:’(:’(:’(:’(

Horizon is not a virus. Sometimes anti-viruses provide false positives. Horizon doesn’t contain any malware but the CNET installer does if you don’t decline some of the add ons. Use this download from now on:

Download from this link and you’ll be good:

just ignore it most the time its just a warning I just skip mine lol

Greetings to all. I would humbly suggest that the powers at be fix the download link on the home page so that it pushes the latest setup file like the link above does. The reason people keep asking this question is due to the file being pointed at from your big download link on the front page. Thanks for providing a working d/l link!

The link doesn’t work, it “haven’t a input”

Cause it is a 4 year old topic.

Click this button and you can download it.

My antivirus close the page

Disable it

I know that Is the solution but … It’s dangerous

It’s not. It’s a false positive. I suggest you to get a better AV

Or I can disable it for a few and install Horizon

I said the same thing in his other thread.
Its a false positve
Delete the av and just know what ypu are downloading i have not had av for like 3 years

Ok thanks

Same with the "wemod app " and trainers come up as a virus too just as horizon does
Coming from the place that makes horizon would not think it would be a virus