Is Horizon still safe in 2024?

I was trying to download Horizon but my browser security extension, Guardio said it contains a virus or malware that will damage my computer or security. It blocked the download file, “Horizon-Setup.exe.” I want to know if it’s still safe to download and install it even if Guardio still gives me a warning that says its unsafe. I had no issues with downloading or installing WeMod without Guardio, NordVPN or Windows Security saying it contains a virus or malware but just with Horizon.

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So long as you’ve downloaded it from the official link Horizon Xbox 360 Modding Tool | WeMod, it is a false-positive and will be fine to use. WeMod does not seek to install malware on people’s machines.


Thank you! That’s good to know! I have been enjoying using WeMod for years now and I just don’t see you guys would harm anyone’s machine! :slightly_smiling_face:

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