Is it ok if I play on multiplayer with wemod and my friends are fine with it?

perhaps I wasn’t explaining too well with the title to my question, but my friends say it is fine with me to use wemod but I am worried about getting banned from wemod. So my question is, is it fine to use wemod on multiplayer with permission from my friends? And does wemod work in multiplayer?

Sorry, I am bad at explaining things.


Trainers are not designed to work in multiplayer game modes. No matter where on the internet you get them from.

Trainers work by injecting values into memory addresses in your PC’s RAM while a game runs from them.
Multiplayer games are running from a server hundreds, perhaps even thousands of miles away from you, hence no memory addresses in your PC’s RAM to inject into.

In the less than 1% chance a trainer may slightly work online due to oversights by the game developers, there is a high chance you will either be banned (removed fro, the game entirely) or shadow banned (limited to playing in servers with only other shadow banned players so you can still make the the company money while not annoying their rule abiding players).

Cheating online requires hacks. Not trainers. These are different things. WeMod does not provide hacks for moral and legal reasons. Ruining other people’s experience of a game is a crappy thing to do. And game developers are always successfully suing people who provide online hacks.

Your “friend” either needs to educate themselves properly or is trolling you.
Your “friends” also do not write the game’s rules or terms of use, they have no authority to tell you what you can or can’t do in the game.

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