Is there anyone that can tell me how to request a trainer to be updated? I

Hello, I’ve been using wemod for several months now and I love it! However I very rarely run into an issue of a game that has been updated on steamer Xbox and the trainer doesn’t work. I’m currently struggling with this issue for Hitman 3 on my PC via Xbox game pass. One other game that I experienced this with as well was a bit weirder in the fact that some of the cheats would work when I toggle them on and some would toggle on and then within 10 seconds or so would toggle back off automatically. However with Hitman 3 all of them toggle back off immediately after I turn them on. Now I know that a lot of games get updated regularly and women can’t always keep up with the updates but I was hoping since Hitman 3 has been around for a while that the trainer would be updated. A lot of other games that tell me that the mods may not work because the game is been updated do I want to use them anyway, and when I do most of the time they work perfectly fine but this particular game didn’t even say anything about it being updated or about the mods maybe not working or that they needed to be tested so I am unsure why I’m having so much difficulty with this if anyone can help or point me in the right direction of how to ask someone to see about getting the trainer updated for Hitman 3 it would be much appreciated!