Is this false advertising or what?

All cheats turn off saying need pro to use.

It clearly says its for free but to use you must pay money for pro version.

This is clearly false advertising.

Quote from the page.
WeMod is free to use because of the members that choose to support us.

So once again why the false advertising?

Hi @a1fox3,

All the cheats are free to use if you use the hotkeys! The controls, remote, and overlay are Pro-only.

If cheats are “turning themselves off” it’s not because you don’t have pro, it’s because they are old and need to be updated.

If they were old then they were old the same day I downloaded it and tried to use it, which was just a few days ago.

Others said this was great but I will not even try to use it anymore.

Either you downloaded a Cracked game or you installed it wrong. WeMod is completely free. Other reason could be that the game is just not played much and/or and update was released just prior to you downloading the Trainer

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What you are saying makes no sense, first tell us what game you were trying to play. I used WeMod for free for years, it works perfect, you won’t find anything better out there for free. Just take a second to describe your problem and answer our questions before declaring yourself right and everyone else wrong ■■■■■■■■ on the WeMod team.

I have the paid steam version of They are Billions.

I see the cheat give me 999999 on what cheat is used then 4-6 sec later it goes back to 0.

I am done now and you can delete this thread.