Is wemod safe?

Is wemod safe? because my friends said he got a virus from it.

No he didnt , thousands of us use it every day.
All trainer are flagged as a virus any where you download them from
The virus pop up is a false positive like they all are
Wemod is 100 % safe we have been doing this for at least 5 years now


There are no viruses in WeMod’s software. WeMod is actually the safest trainer provider on the entire internet because the trainers cannot be ripped and reuploaded with shady stuff. Which is a problem pretty much all non-WeMod third-party stand-alone trainer providers face.

See here for more information: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan.

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Well my friend got slow internet and he connection is good and he got kicked out from his games with a virus too.

You don’t get kicked out of games for having a virus, that makes no technical or logical sense. Games are not antiviruses.

If s/he/you was kicked from games then s/he/you broke the game rules. Like trying to use cheats online, which WeMod does not condone nor provide the tools for.

Your “friend” is either living in a bit of a fantasy world or doesn’t understand how trainers work. Or both.

WeMod is virus free. It’s just not possible to infect WeMod’s files with any kind of shadiness.


sounds like you tried to use it online LOL

No he was not.

Make sure you read the previous posts in this thread.

All the information you need is there and it also explains to you how this “friend” isn’t quite being honest with you.

Thread will be closed since the original issue was addressed correctly by staff.