Issue with a Trainer

So when I installed wemod yesterday, I tried out a trainer, it worked, but then today I tried the same thing but this time my game crashes every time I activate the cheats, and so I tried out a trainer for this war of mine ANd the cheats did not even work I am a big fan of modding games so I hope someone has an answer for my issue

Are you running any antivirus? If so, disable it then try WeMod again. Also, do other games crash with WeMod?

The trainer(s) for ‘This War of Mine’ need an update as well which could explain why your game is crashing.


You can vote to have the game updated, but this game only has 66/1000 votes so it may take a few weeks for it to be updated.

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thanks for the fast reply, iam not using downloaded antivirus software i use the built in winddows defender which seems fine with most apps i have used, you have solved my problem for this war of mine but the other game does not prompt update when iam about to run the cheats andit even says that the cheats are compatible

If your WeMod app hasn’t been closed and re-opened in a bit, it could still say compatible as it hasn’t registered that your game has updated :slightly_smiling_face:

I restart my pc everyday and i can even remember restarting wemod

What’s the other game you’re referring to?

clone drone in the danger zone

Btw do you have a discord would bemucheasier to comunicate

I checked the update history and an update was released a few days ago. The trainer was last updated about a year ago so it may be in need of an update.

Aside from these two games, are any others crashing while using WeMod?

Wellfirstly this war of mine isnot crashing just isnt working and secondly i tried a trainer for plague inc evolved and it did not crash but once again the cheats did not work p.s do youhave any other way of contacting You would be handy

I do have Discord. My name on there is the same as here. I don’t have a working mic right now so it will have to be text chat.

Fine by me what about your numbers?

Do you happen to have comcast / Xfinity??

My Discord name is User_N4m3 #7863. We can schedule a TeamViewer session if you want as well. PM me if you want to move forward with the TeamViewer session :slight_smile:.