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Jtag facts:[b][details=Open Me]

You cannot Jtag any Xbox with a dash higher than 7371. Only a dash of 7371 or lower can be jtagged.

Can Jtags go online? Yes they still can, however there are only a few people who know how to and will not be releasing anytime soon. So stick to modding offline and playing online legit for now.

What are they?

They are Blown Efuses which let you access your nand to write new firmware.Such as Xbreeboot. . Also once you install Xbreeboot you can run unsigned xex’s and let you download free dlc’s and games. You can of course do tenth lobbies also.

Where do i get one? There are many trusted and verified sellers on the site that can sell one to you and have it shipped i no time.

Do you recommend one? No if your a just gonna use it to host lobbies and think about making a profit dont. You will not get a full experience of a jtag and or the real purpose of one. YOU WILL NOT MAKE A PROFIT OFF THIS. Unless you are selling your jtag.

Prices? There are different types of jtags here are the prices of all of them…
Xenon: $200-$225
There is an opus but no one buys it.

What is the difference? Xenon and zephyr are the oldest type of jtags that came around 2005 and are known for overheating(well xenon is) but xenons take bothe types of kvs Type 1 and type2 (ill explain later).
Falcon is the 2nd generation and is known to be better than the first 2
Jaspers are the newest type and are known to have been fixed of RROD(red ring of death)

What are kvs? Kvs are files that pretty much unban your jtag and let you go online. Jtags do get consoled banned and come console banned unless you pay extra for an unbanned one. (if comes unbanned will eventually be banned in about 4-6 hours). Kvs are pricey and only last a certain time.

How much are kvs? Usually around $25-$30 shared and $60-$80 unshared no i do not sell these nor do i sell jtags.

What is the difference between shared and unshared? Unshared is your kv and your kv only so tends to last longer approximately 4-6 hours possibly longer. A shared kv is shared between 3-4 people at once so tends to lag and last only 1-3 hours.

What do you need besides a kv to go online? Your Nand dump/ Flashdmp.bin and your cpu key.

How do you get these? Ask jtag seller for cpu key :stuck_out_tongue: and for your flashdmp.bin you will need a file called flash360. And you also need a transfer cable.

Download flash360, Drag and drop the media folder and flash360 into your hard drive. Go on jtag, play flash360 and backup your nand. Put hard drive back onto computer and it should be on there. You also need 360 flash to to extract or import kv and unban nand.

Also to run stuff on your jtag even offline you will need something called xex menu which can easily be installed onto your jtag/hard drive. O and i dont suggest buying a jtag until after the new freeboot comes out if a new one does come out which should be after black ops. I only suggest this if you plan on ever going online or plan on going online and dont know how to install the new freeboot IF one does come out.

There has been an additional development in the never-ending battle that’s Microsoft trying to keep its gaming method closed to unauthorized use. Xbox-scene reports that a new hack called freeBOOT permits the Xbox 360 to upgrade for the newer kernels, but allows the choice of rebooting to an older kernel in order use the JTAG exploit and gain access towards the hardware.

A jtag is an xbox that allows run homebrew code on an Xbox 360. Exploiting this hack makes it feasible to boot a Linux kernel in about five seconds. We’ve long been fans of the homebrew work done with XBMC on the original Xbox and hope that advances like this will lead to that end. We want this simply because the older hardware cannot handle high definition content at full resolution but the Xbox 360 certainly can.

Same facts in Q and A form:

A Jtag also comes console banned(meaning you cannot connect to Xbox Live). You can however buy a Jtag that comes unbanned(it is only unbanned for a few hours). If you get banned or it comes banned you will need a KV(Key Vault) to unban it. Another thing is that soon this month or early next month Microsoft will be coming out with a new dashboard update which will kick Jtag’s offline even with a Key Vault. If you are looking to go online anytime soon, DO NOT buy one.

Key Vault:

A Keyvault is the part of an Xbox 360 that makes each console unique. It is the part of the Xbox that Microsoft uses to identify which console is connecting to their servers. There are specific details located inside the Keyvault that makes it so important, one of the main details located in the keyvault is the serial number.

The reason Keyvaults are so important to JTAG’s is because you can use them to unban your console. You can swap a keyvault from another unbanned JTAG into your JTAG and then your box magically becomes a different console according to Microsoft.

When a Keyvault gets banned, it doesn’t ban just the console, it bans the Keyvault, which means every console using that Keyvault becomes banned,YOU CAN NOT MAKE A KV. But you can extract one.

Where can I get a jtag?
Always look on the site before looking anywhere else. I will post legit sellers threads below. If you are legit post below your main thread ad I will verify.

Types of Jtags:
Xenon: 1st type of jtag(cheapest)
Zephyr:2nd type of jtag(same generation)
Falcon:3rd type of jtag(2nd generation)more updated
Jasper:4th type of jtag(3rd generation)best type but also most expensive.

DO NOT:Buy a Jtag for just mw2 lobbies
With the new dashboard you wont be able to go online. Starting November 4th.

Downloading games for free and getting them early.
If new freeboot comes out will be able to go online

.also all dlc and xbla games are free as well , NO more disks , games can be stored and launched from an internal drive , usb-hdd & usb thumb drive

games can be made region free ( there are some jap titles never make it here many enjoy )

emulators : mame , sega , nes , snes etc

hacked games : modded default xex’s with trainers and modded files inside the game

alternate dashboards like freestyle dash

being able to ftp over to 360 from a pc via xex-menu or freestyle dash : grab a game save or profile to mod , or inject some new dlc or xbla game , or dump a full 360 game over to drive without touching a thing physically

A JTAG allows you to run Unsigned Code that was not written by Microsoft and is not authorized by there systems, not just home-brew as Microsoft do that as well and it can be run on a stock xbox

A Key Vault (KV) is a bin file that is located in your Nand of your JTAG, your Nand is what holds a lot of information including your dashboard version, you can swap out KVs with other decrypted KVs this makes your JTAGs console ID different when connection to XBL

Out there in the world there are unlimited amount of KVs for JTAGs to run off of, the only problem is that these KVs are inside the xboxs Nand, and Nands are encrypted with 32 Hex code which has millions of permutations, from a stock console you can dump the nand easily and you can extract the Enc KV but you need the CPU key to decrypt the Nand and most importantly the KV
----------[/b]Jtag Programs:[b][details=Open Me]

XexMenu 1.1: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

TU 6 XexPatcher: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Flash Tool: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Nand Pro: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Total Commander: Total Commander 7.56a - Total Commander

FreeStyle Dash: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

CON Uncorrupter: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Linux Loader: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Freeboot 0.32: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

FreeXex Quickboot: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

FreeXeX 360: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

HDD Hacker: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

MAME360: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Consign: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

X360 Game Hack: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Image Browser: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

SNES360: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

12625 Nand Patcher: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Team Xecuter: ** Official JTAG Tool Thread ** - Team Xecuter

----------[/b]Starter tutorial
(how to add XEX menu to your jtag and then to add isos)
[b][details=Open Me]

Step1: download C0DE9999 or xex menu onto your computer

Step2: open you hdd with a usb or transfer cable

step3: Go to content and click the 0000000… file

Step4: drag and drop the C0DE9999 file into the 00000000000 file

Step 5: Now you have xex menu and can download mw2 files to your jtag

Step 6: once downloaded if you use the 7 parts too the iso right click on part one and press extract then to desktop

Step 6: once extracted open the iso in wx360 and press extract all files

Step7: go to deany95.com/shares and get a code post for mw2 and default_mp.xex and a patch

Step 8: drag those into the mw2 iso

Step 9 : make a new folder on your hdd called Games

Step10: insert the iso into that folder

Step11:go onto your jtag and play xex menu (found in game library)

Step12: hit right bumper and go down to your games folder hit mw2 iso look for default xex and play it

step13: go into split screen and enjoy hope this helps

If you have a working disc drive then here

step 5: put disc into your jtag

step6: press y and hit copy disc

step7: wait for disc to finish

step 8: once finished take out hdd and hook it up to your comp

step 9: put the code post patch and default_mp.xex into the iso make sure you copy disc into the games folder though its easier.

to copy into games folder before doing step6 add a games folder to hdd play xex menu press rb open the games folder then press y and do steps 6-9 then enjoy[/details]
----------[/b]Other tutorials(including one above)Special thanks to Cult for helping me[b][details=Open Me]

Fix Christmas Lights:

IF you are unfortunate to get the dreaded christmas lights and you dont have a lpt or usb spi devise all is not lost.

1. Rename your original nand or xbr image to updflash.bin 
2. Put it on a usb drive that is formatted to FAT32 
3. plug it into your 360 and turn console on with the eject button 
4. let xell do its update 
5. Unplug back power cables for about 30 seconds. 
6. plug every thing back in and you should be greeted with the dashboard

Fix bad flash:

How to Fix Bad JTAG NAND Flashes!


* The KV was bad or somehow corrupt 
* User error, mistakenly entered wrong data 
* The NAND already has bad blocks 

etc. the list goes on but those are the most probable cause 

What you'll Need! 

1. Original/Working NAND Dump Renamed updflash.bin 

2. Working USB Drive 

3. Hands & Fingers 

4. Computer 

The Fix! 

1. Drag the working updflash.bin into the root of the USB (For most USB, that just means drag into the USB) 

2. Turn off JTAG 

3. Unplug ALL Cables from JTAG 

4. Plug your USB into preferably the front slot of your JTAG 

5. Connect the AV Cable 

6. Connect the Power cord 

7. Plug your Xbox into the power outlet 

8. Turn your xbox Via the **Eject button thus starting XeLL 

9. Wait for XeLL to finish updating 

10. Power Cycle 


** If you dont have a DVD Drive so that you can EJECT, plug a wired controller to the back USB ports of the console then boot to XeLL from there! 

Credit to http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=474076.html

Home made turtle beaches:

This is so simple i cannot believe people spend those outrageous prices on turtle beech headsets. I heard 250 dollars! 

What you will need depends on what you already have, as there are several ways you can do this. 

Plug n Play Method 
Check your T.V for a headphone jack. and simply plug in your head phones to that. A few adjustments to the tv volume and in game sound, and you wont be defend by harriers and you can still talk to your mates. Of course u need your own standard headphones. 

Adapter Method (Not recommended but cheaper than third way) 
Go to an electronics store and purchase two adapters. The first being a 3.5mm socket female - female (the headphone jacks on either side) the second adapter is a Dual Rca PLUG (FEMALE) to a 3.5mm plug (male) 
To connect it simply take the two Audio cables directly from your xbox and plug into the RCA adapter, then plug that adapter into the 3.5mm adapter and your headphones into that. 
The drawback to this method is you have no volume control and you are stuck with the volume that the xbox puts out as standard. 

Custom Methods (ONLY IF FIRST FAILS and you dont like SECOND) 
This method is a bit more complicated, but its still a fraction of the price of turtle beeches. You may need a soldering iron depending on what you yourself can find. 
DVD players, stereos and vcrs sometimes have volume knobs on them, as well as headphone jacks. Sometimes its simple just plug your headphones (AND YOUR XBOX) there instead of the tv or adapters. Look around your house and ask friends to try and get one before going out and buying. If you cant do that and dont wanna buy one (dvd players are expensive where im at) you can purchase a "In Line Volume Controller" or something similar from a electronics store. Essentially it is the same as the afore-mentioned adapter method, but with a volume knob on it. Some soldering may be required and basic electronics knowledge. If u can JTAG, you can do this. All you should have to solder to the "In Line Volume Controller" is the RCA port to plug your audio into. They usually have the volume knob already, and the headphone jack. It will have the RCA Screw pins inside, which you will need to attach to some RCA plugs 

Credit to: http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=474076.html

How to add isos to jtag:


Step1: download C0DE9999 or xex menu onto your computer

Step2: open you hdd with a usb or transfer cable

step3: Go to content and click the 0000000... file

Step4: drag and drop the C0DE9999 file into the 00000000000 file

Step 5: Now you have xex menu and can download mw2 files to your jtag

Step 6: once downloaded if you use the 7 parts too the iso right click on part one and press extract then to desktop

Step 6: once extracted open the iso in wx360 and press extract all files

Step7: go to deany95.com/shares and get a code post for mw2 and default_mp.xex and a patch

Step 8: drag those into the mw2 iso

Step 9 : make a new folder on your hdd called Games

Step10: insert the iso into that folder

Step11:go onto your jtag and play xex menu (found in game library)

Step12: hit right bumper and go down to your games folder hit mw2 iso look for default xex and play it 

step13: go into split screen and enjoy hope this helps


If you have a working disc drive then here

step 5: put disc into your jtag

step6: press y and hit copy disc

step7: wait for disc to finish

step 8: once finished take out hdd and hook it up to your comp

step 9: put the code post patch and default_mp.xex into the iso make sure you copy disc into the games folder though its easier.

to copy into games folder before doing step6 add a games folder to hdd play xex menu press rb open the games folder then press y and do steps 6-9 then enjoy 

How to dump nand:

How to Dump nand


Step1:download flash 360

Step2:open hdd onto computer

Step3:Make a knew folder its easier sometimes

Step4:Drag the Media folder and flash360 into the folder

Step5:go onto jtag a load xex menu

Step6:go to the new folder click on it and find flash360

Step7:Play flash360

Step8:once there press X to make a copy of your Xbr image

Step9:once its finished unplug hdd and plug it back into comp

Step10: go back to that folder and you should see your nand dump copied in the folder now

Step11:Extract or drag and drop nand dump onto desktop

And there you go your nand dump is on your desktop and ready

How to unban your jtag(if you can ever use them again):

-The Nand + CPU-Key of Banned Console 
-The Nand + CPU-Key of UnBanned Console 
-360 Flash Tool 



1.(Get UnBanned KV) 
-Open 360 Flash Tool 
-Enter CPU-key of UnBanned Console 
-Check off 1BL Option 
-Open the UnBanned Consle Nand.bin 
-Click Extract 
-Select KeyVault 
-Save it 

(Skip Step1 if you have a KV_dev.bin file) 


2.(Insert UnBanned KV) 
-Open 360 Flash Tool 
-Enter CPU-key of Banned Console 
-Check off 1BL Option 
-Open the Banned Consle Nand.bin 
-Click Import 
-Select KeyVault (KV_dec.bin) 
-Save it 


3.(Flash New KV to Console) 
-Place newly saved nand.bin in NandPro Folder 
-Connect Banned Console to LPT 

Run Commands 
-NandPro Nand.bin: -r16 rawkv.bin 1 1 
-NandPro Nand.bin: -r16 rawconfig.bin 3de 2 
-NandPro lpt: -w16 rawkv.bin 1 1 
-NandPro lpt: -w16 rawconfig.bin 3de 2

----------[/b]RROD Fix:[b][details=Open Me]

3 Red Lights of Death Fix
I noticed we don’t have one up on here. And I remember I put one together on another forum site last year to help the guys out so here it is…

Step One
First off, we are reading this because we have a problem with the Xbox 360. Either it is caused by a solder problem, where points on the GPU/CPU have worked loose – or a temperature problem causing the same result: The 3 Red Lights of Death. First thing we need to do is open the 360 & remove all the internal parts. Several tutorials for this – here is 1 of them:

Step Two
Once you have all the parts removed, DVD drive out, fans off, motherboard removed….then remove the “X” clamps holding the heat sinks to the motherboard. Again, several tutorials out there: google them

Step Three
At this point, you need to clean the old thermal compound off of the chips. Be very careful in how you do this, not to damage the chips themselves. I used alcohol & Q-tips, and patience. Don’t rush this part, as it is crucial for the surfaces to be perfectly smooth for optimal conduction of heat. Someone stated the chips will reveal a mirror finish when clean, and they will…so clean until you see that finish.

Step Four
The necessary parts for this mod are very inexpensive. You will need the following parts:

8 M5-.80 x 10 Machine Screws
16 #10 Flat Washers – Nylon
16 5mm Flat Washers – Metal
Artic Silver thermal compound

I know that some people have used Fibre washers instead of Nylon. It probably doesn’t’t matter. If you can find Fibre, I would suggest that instead. I could only find Nylon, so there you go.

Step Five
Ok, now we have clean chips & all necessary equipment for the fix. Here is an illustration with the hardware replacing of the “X” clamps.

Note that the Nylon washers are up against the motherboard on both sides – not metal. With two washers (1- nylon, 1- metal) on each side of the board, this matches the original spacing provided by the “X” clamp.

Step Six
Here is probably the most important portion of this tutorial. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! Once you have replaced the heat sinks like the illustration above (don’t tighten the bolts down – just snug for now), set the motherboard back into the bottom case. Don’t screw it down yet. Replace the Power button board with the lights, so we can see when the 360 overheats. I plugged in the DVD & set it aside on the edge of the case (not sure if this is necessary). Leave the fans off for this part. The video plug must be inserted or the 360 will auto-shut off, and the power brick must be plugged in. Turn on the Xbox & most likely you will see the 3RLOD – Red Lights Of Death. Without the fans, it’s a matter of time until the box overheats. When this happens, it will change to only 2 lights (both left side lights). I waited 2 minutes exactly, then shut it off. This allows the solder problems to fix themselves by getting hot enough to re-solder themselves in place. As this is cooling off, take the board out to where you can tighten the M5 bolts down snug. Don’t over-tighten them, but in my case – I got them very snug.

Step Seven
Let it cool down completely, then put everything back together. Any cooling mods that you could add to this fix will only help the situation. There are several out there: 12V mod to the existing fans, aftermarket fans, or even the cut-out of the case itself. All will help the temperature overall.

GOOD LUCK…you’ll need it :wink:

----------[/b]Offline Jtag Fun:[b][details=Open Me]
We all seee those occasional “What can a jtag do offline” threads, right? Well, hopefully this will end those.

This tutorial will show you how to do the following:
Freestyle dash 1.02
Arcade games
A jtag
External Harddrive
[url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B0WX3571]Download Pack[/url
Reatil MS harddrive
Note: Anything that sounds like a program you don’t have, it’s in the Download Pack

FreeStyle Dash

Open Me

Format your external HDD to Fat32. You can do this with the provided converter.
Copy all four folders inside the FreeStyledash folder and put them on the ROOT of your external HDD.
In order to get your games (xbox 360, xbox live arcade, emulators, and homebrew) to show up in freestyledash you need to make four folders on the root of yourexternal hdd.

These are the four folder THEY ARE CASE-SENSATIVE(italics are the folder names):

[details=Open Me]-games–(xbox 360 games)
-application–(homebrew) User made apps and games
-emulators–(Take a guess) There are many types to choose from
-content/0000000000000000–(xbox live arcade games)[/details]
It will look like this:

To make a FSD shortcut where the xexmenu shortcut is, you can do the following:
Go to freestyledash folder that you put on the root of your external hdd and in there will be a launch folder. Take the (freestyle-usb) file “not the image file there are more than one file” and Copy it to the Xbox hdd in (Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000\CODE9999\00007000\here) to have it show in the NXE Dashboard. If it doesn’t have the 00007000 folder create one…

Note:When you first boot it will ask where you want data saved,This is where the artwork and program information will be stored. Pick the usb because this is where your freestyle dash is and every time you go in to freestyle dash it will make a list of any new content or games you have added sense the last you were there.

You now have FreeStyleDash installed<<<<

Emulators/ROM Installation:

Open Me

There are two types of emulators:
~God file emulators (Which go within the stock hdd only and show up in the game library in the NXE Dashboard).
~.xex file emulators (Which will not show up in the NXE Dashbourd but can be put in either the stock or external hdd.)

GOD Emulators

Open Me

-GenesisPlus360 (Comes in a file called FFED0707)
-SNES360 (Comes in a file called FFED7300)
-MAME360 for retail dash (Stand Up Arcade)

The SNES/Genesis folders need to go here on your XBOX hdd

Hdd1:/content/0000000000000000/they go here 

The mame folder will go on the xbox hdd as well, but here


To get your ROMS to show up. Make a folder on the root of your external HDD called (case-sensative)


Inside this folder create two subfolders:

-Genesis360/Roms/ ROMS HERE 

For the MAME emulator you will make a folder on THE ROOT your XBOX hdd called. No Underscore!!!


Here is a folder that has everything already configured: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JX42Y990](http://www.xboxchopshop.com/catalog/man_360_open.php)

NOTE: This will ONLY work if your using it with an external HDD. It must also be plugged into the back USB port. This will have everything already done and even a ROMS folder to put your MAME roms in.Once you go into a game with this emulator you must press the left trigger,right trigger and the A button at the same time. This will give you a pop up window with system option. Go into Game Configurations and select wich buttons do what for that games

XeX Emulators:

Open Me

~SMS360 (Sega Master Series)

~XeboyAdvance (Gameboy Advance)
The SMS and Xeboy advance folders in the download pack already has everything configured. all you have to do is put ROMS in the ROMS folder of both. Then boot into xexmenu/FSD and load the xex for either emulator.


Once you have downloaded some xbox360 arcade games, you need to unlock the full version, To do so, use the XBLA unlocked exe I provided in the download in the beginning of this tut.

Just run the program and press (open folder) to locate the folder with all your XBLA inside. Once you have done this all your XBLA will be shown. Just press (enable full version) and you’re done.

Now, to get those Unlocked games onto the external HDD, remember the content/0000000000000 folder you made earlier? The xbox arcade games go there. it will look like this when done:


evildxtremes for the Download Pack.
Me for the actual tutorial.

----------[/b]Reball your Xbox:[b][details=Open Me]
NOTE: This method requires experiences, patience, and some expensive equipment. It is not recommended you attempt to do this yourself. If you mess something up i am not responsible for your broken xbox 360.

A Reflow station or something similar (Anything you would use to reflow your xbox, not an oven)
Solder balls (Or a preform, Preform is easier, but solder balls work)
Flux Paste
Solder, Solder Gun, and anything else you’d need when soldering
A stencil for your GPU chip Highly Recommended)
Suction Pen (Recommended)
Solder Wick
Removing the GPU
The first thing you want to do is take your motherboard completely out of your xbox. There are many tutorials on this all over the site. Next, you want to begin to reflow your motherboard on the GPU chip. Once your reflow reaches it’s maximum temp. you want to remove the chip. I recommend using a suction pen, but it can be removed by other means. Just put the sucker on the part were you put the thermal paste, and pull. It should come off fairly easy.

Open Me

Cleaning the GPU
Once you have your GPU removed, it’s time to clean that crappy lead free solder off of the bottom. This can be done a lot of ways, the way i’ve found most effective is to take your solder gun and run it over the bottom of the chip very briefly. This will get most of the solder off of the chip. Don’t worry if the chip is brownish underneath the silver lead, you didn’t burn your chip. Note* In between all the cleaning, make sure to wipe off the chip with a towel, and maybe a dap of water or rubbing alchohol if you feel it’s necesary. This next part can get hard to do, but just try to keep your hand steady. Your going to press your solder wick onto your chip, and gently press down on it with your solder gun. This sick will attract and grab all the solder still left in the gaps. Just press and do gently circle motions until you feel you’ve cleaned the whole chip sufficiently. After you’ve gotten the solder off, wipe off the chip with rubbing alchohol or whatever you choose, until the chip is shiny and looks new.

Applying The New Solder
In this step you will be putting your new better solder onto the chip. There is two methods for this. You can either use a preform or solder balls. For the preform, you just want to apply some sticky flux and match the preform up to the chip until it fits perfectly. For the solder balls, take you stencil and place the GPU it in, then pour your solder balls onto the chip. Spread them around with anything you like, brushes work well. Keep applying the balls untill all your dips are filled with balls on the chip. Now that you have your solder on your chip, whether it be your preform or regular solder balls, place the GPU chip back into place and reflow your xbox like normal. You may want to solder the edges to keep it into place.

Open Me

Congratz! You have now reballed your xbox 360. This method should prevent RRoD for a veery long time. Now please don’t follow this tutorial until you’ve watched some videos on reballing. This tutorial is not meant to be followed step by step by itself. There are a few small details left out. If you don’t have some of the equipment, don’t try THIS! Get it done by someone who does. If i helped you please +rep. If you have any questions message me on aim.
----------[/b]Turn Jtag into Server:[b][details=Open Me]
This is a tutorial to turn your JTAG into an affordable, fast file server.

Things you will need:

JTAG (derp)
Gentoo Live CD (Download here)
Xell Linux Loader (Download here)
Xbox 360 Hard Drive or USB hard drive that you don’t use for anything else (20gb recommended min.)
USB Keyboard
Optional USB Mouse

Step 1:
Burn Gentoo LiveCD to a blank disk using software such as powerISO. A CD-RW will work just fine.

Step 2:
Boot the JTAG by holding down the eject button (boot into xell), put the disk in and close it in one swift motion. (If you wait to long, it won’t detect the disk and you will have to start over) Make sure that you have an ethernet cable plugged in at this point. It can’t detect it after boot and you will need to start over if it isn’t in.

Step 3:
When prompted with a logon screen, wait 10 seconds until default user ‘Gentoo’ logs in.

Step 4:
At the Desktop, click Applications>Accessories>Text Editor. Paste this bash script into the blank file:


dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1
  sfdisk /dev/sda << EOF 
  mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda2 
  mkswap /dev/sda1 
  sync; sync; sync 
  swapon /dev/sda1 
  mkdir /mnt/debian 
  mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/debian 
  cd /mnt/debian 
  mkdir /mnt/debian/work 
  cd /mnt/debian/work 
  wget --no-check-certificate https://www.securehost.com/mirror/debian/pool/main/d/debootstrap/debootstrap_0.3.3.2etch1_all.deb
  ar -xf debootstrap_0.3.3.2etch1_all.deb 
  cd /mnt/debian 
  zcat < /mnt/debian/work/data.tar.gz | tar xv 
  export DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR=/mnt/debian/usr/lib/debootstrap 
  export PATH=$PATH:/mnt/debian/usr/sbin 
  debootstrap --arch powerpc etch /mnt/debian ftp://archive.debian.org/debian/
  echo Xenon > /mnt/debian/etc/hostname 
  cat > /mnt/debian/etc/fstab << EOF 
  /dev/sda2     /          ext3     defaults   0   0
  /dev/sda1     none    swap    sw           0   0
  proc            /proc    proc    defaults  0   0
  cat > /mnt/debian/etc/network/interfaces << EOF 
  iface lo inet loopback 
  auto lo 
  auto eth0 
  iface eth0 inet dhcp 
  cat > /mnt/debian/etc/apt/sources.list << EOF 
  deb ftp://archive.debian.org/debian/  etch main contrib non-free
  cp /mnt/debian/root/.bashrc /mnt/debian/root/.bashrc.orginal 
  cat >> /mnt/debian/root/.bashrc << EOF 
  apt-get update 
  apt-get install ntp wget -y --force-yes 
  apt-get install x-window-system -y --force-yes 
  aptitude install gnome -y 
  apt-get install build-essential firefox gftp khexedit console-tools -y --force-yes 
  echo "AVAHI_DAEMON_START=0" > /etc/default/avahi-daemon 
  /etc/init.d/networking restart 
  cd /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
  rm -r -f *
  wget http://home.comcast.net/~ssmurf/xenosfb_drv.so
  cd /etc/X11/
  rm -r -f xorg.conf 
  wget http://home.comcast.net/~ssmurf/xorg.conf
  mkdir /lib/modules/
  touch /lib/modules/ 
  echo "" > /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom 
  sed -i '/security/ a\AllowRoot=true' /etc/gdm/gdm.conf 
  sed -i 's/#LEDS=+num/LEDS=+num/' /etc/console-tools/config 
  update-rc.d -f hwclock.sh remove 
  update-rc.d -f festival remove 
  update-rc.d -f portmap remove 
  update-rc.d -f cupsys remove 
  update-rc.d -f spamassassin remove 
  update-rc.d -f alsa-utils remove 
  rm /root/.bashrc 
  mv /root/.bashrc.orginal /root/.bashrc 
  /etc/init.d/gdm start 
  echo "Base System Install Complete!"
  echo "You may now shutdown the xbox360."
  echo "Then continue the install by booting the Xell-Bootloader-sda2."

Step 5:
Save the file as: debianinstall.sh

Step 6:
Open up Terminal, found at Applications>Accessories>Terminal

Type the following commands:

sudo su 
sh ./debianinstall.sh

Step 7:
Grab some coffee and wait about 30 minutes while it is doing the preliminary install steps. After a while, it should prompt you to reboot using the Xell Linux Loader. Check the Terminal for any errors (there shouldn’t be any) and if everything looks good, click the power button on your console.

Step 8:
Burn the Xell Linux Loader to a blank disk. I recommend not putting it on your Gentoo disk because if something goes wrong and you need to start over you will have to burn everything again.

Step 9:
Boot the JTAG into xell, but put the linux loader in this time. It will go through some boot procedures and after a while you will be prompted to enter a new unix password. Enter something secure, but make sure you don’t forget it other wise you will have to start over.
A good example of a secure password is: KJHB*#&&*#222a&^G

Step 10:
Go grab another cup of coffee, this is the longest part.

Step 11:
Wait until a blue screen asking for your resolution pops up. The default values (the last three on the screen) should already be checked and all you need to do is press enter.

Step 12:
Wait some more until some more blue configuration screens pop up. Just select what you want and then wait again. (Don’t worry, this is the final wait!)

Step 13:
After a while a login screen should pop up. Congrats, you are done with the hardest part.

Step 14:
Log into root and open terminal. Run the following commands:


install apache2 
apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5 libapache2-mod-perl2 php5 php5-cli php5-common php5-curl php5-dev php5-domxml php5-gd php5-imap php5-ldap php5-mcal php5-mhash php5-mysql php5-odbc php5-pear php5-xslt

If it installed correctly, when you type php -v it should display a version number.

Step 15:

apt-get install ssh

in the terminal. When it is done, type the command:

nano -w /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Use your arrow keys to navigate to where it says “X11Forwarding”. Change ‘yes’ to ‘no’.

Click Control+x to exit nano, ‘y’ to save and enter to save it as the same file.

Now to restart the file server, type

/etc/init.d/ssh restart

Step 16: (Almost there!)
Install samba by typing:

apt-get install samba

Step 17:
The last thing to set up is the FTP server.
In the terminal, type:

apt-get install proftpd

Configure it to your liking using the command:

nano -w /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf

After you are done configuring, restart the ftp daemon by typing:

/etc/init.d/proftpd restart

Step 18: (Final step!)
Download this script, make it executable and run it using these commands:

wget http://glider.sin.khk.be/linux_guide/fileserver/useradd.sh chmod 777 useradd.sh sh useradd.sh

The script will add a new user that the xbox will execute apache with. (This is critical, do not let users execute apache as root!)
Step 19:
To test it out, type ifconfig in your terminal. It will display your local IP Adress. Get on another computer (connected to the same network) and type the JTAG’s local IP into your address bar. If done correctly, a page should come up saying, “It works!”
If you are greeted with that text then congrats, you now have a working file server.

Step 20:
To change what the text says and upload files that you can remotely retrieve, navigate to your /var/www/apache2-default/ folder. Put whatever files you want to access in there.

Step 21: To access these files outside of your local network, you will need to port forward port 80 to your console. There are thousands of different routers out there and each has a different port forwarding process, so look up your model number on this site:
PortForward.com - Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model
and it will have a nice tutorial for you. After you are done port forwarding you can test it by typing your external ip (find that you by going to What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address)
If it shows the “It works” page, then congrats. You now have a working, low budget file server accessible from anywhere where you have internet!

Credit: Me for formatting for XboxMB and decima7e for the tutorial.
----------[/b]Uses:Homebrew:[b][details=Open Me]

----------[/b]System Link[b][details=Open Me]

----------[/b]Emulators[b][details=Open Me]

----------[/b]Save games/movies to HDD[b][details=Open Me]

----------[/b]Comparison:Types of Motherboards:Xenon:[details=Open Me]
1st type of jtag
Oldest Motherboard and has High chance of rrod.
However, most common and best for online.
Does not have HDMI.
Not recommended for offline modding as it heats up quickly causing RROD.
Made in 2005
Zephyr:[b][details=Open Me]

2nd type of jtag
Made in 2007
Can only use KV type 2.
Exact same as Xenon except for things above
----------[/b]Falcon:[details=Open Me]
3rd type of jtag
Made in 2007
Uses type 2 KV’s.
Less prone to getting RROD.
Doesn’t heat up as quickly
Jasper:[details=Open Me]
4th type of jtag
Most expensive
Best for offline hosting
Has internal memory of either 256mbs or 512mbs.
RROD is extremely rare.
Not good for online use
Made in 2008
Valhalla[b][details=Open Me]

Exclusive for Xbox Slim
Made in 2010
Less chance of rrod than a Jasper
Currently unknown to have been Jtagged.
----------[/b]Opus:[details=Open Me]
Very rare
Exact same as a Falcon besides one change,
Does not have HDMI.
Made it 2008
Legit people I know + their shops:[b][details=Open Me]


crazyp1977: The Tech Game - Jtag Shop, $200 Jtag console 12625 NOT BANNED + power + avi!

Icy-Tank: The Tech Game - IcyTanks JTags & Repair Shop!! Reballs & Reflows! UPDATED

TTGxL96SNIPES: http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=1782366/ttgxl96snipes-mafia5k-jtag-shop-leds-custom-cases-trusted.html


JTAG-GALORE: http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=1681398.html

As there is no B/S/T on this site, I can only tell you about legit people on the sister site; TheTechGame

When you look on there, make sure you either see a stickied thread in the marketplace, or this badge:

This means they are a legit seller. Always remember: NEVER SEND PAYPAL AS GIFT[/details]
----------[/b]Best ways to Jtag:[details=Open Me]HDMI Console:BoXXDr Method - Installing Blackaddr’s Transistor Wiring for Jtag HDMI Xbox 360’s w/ AUD_CLAMP fix
Best Hard mod of 12 volt fan mods:[b][details=Open Me]
Easiest Way To 12v The Fans! - Scenyx Entertainment Community[/details]


XeX Menu Button Guide
Open Me

Identify Your Console

Open Me

Jtag Files

Open Me


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