Jtag Guide/Tutorial Thread

Well guys, i thought i would make one big thread that contains lots of information as well as tutorials regarding jtags.

My aim is to enlighten some people what jtags can do other than hosting 10th lobbies as well as giving them some extra knowledge. If your thinking about getting a Jtag or have just purchased one and don’t know much about them, this thread may help you out.


What is a Jtag?

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A Jtag is a modified console which allows your Xbox 360 to run unsigned code, which allws you to do multiple things (download games,use emulators and roms,10th lobbies, DLC etc) that are not possible to do on a retail console .Different Firmware can also be written to your jtag.

Running unsigned code also allows you to modify games that you own or have on your hard drive by swapping out things such as default.mp.xex for example.


What Jtag should i get, and where can i buy?

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I see people asking this question a lot and a few factors will determine your choice:

How your going to use it

Here is a list of the jtags that can be bought with what they offer:

Xenon - Most common,most popular, cheapest, Tends to heat up quite a lot and also RROD. Better for online use rather than offline due to that. Also the only jtag that can take type 1 and type 2 kv’s (keyvaults) although at this current time it’s irrelevent as jtags can’t go online. Non HDMI.

Zephyr - Similar to the Xenon but has HDMI. A little more expensive than the xenon. Again tends to heat up quite a lot. Can only take type 2 Kv’s.

Falcon - Tends not to heat up as much as the previous two, improved RROD fix, for those two reasons it’s great for offline use. Also uses a different power supply - 175w. HDMI. More expensive than the xenon and falcon but less expensive than the Jasper.

Jasper - Rarest and Most expensive board. Very reliable - great for offline use but also good for online use*. HDMI.

Opus - Not many people buy them, no HDMI, similar to the falcon.

*There is no released method for getting Jtags online at this present time, so if your only buying one to go online, i wouldn’t bother. Although if your looking to use one for offline use, go for the Falcon or a jasper if you can get a hold of one and willing to pay a bit more.

Prices differ with each board but here is approx prices -

Xenon - $140 - $160
Zephyr - $150 - $210
Falcon - $170 - $240
Jasper - $250 ->

Where can you buy one?

There are numerous sellers online, you just have to know the best places to look.

There is no B/S/T here on XMB so you will have to go elsewhere to buy.

IOffer - E-bay like site, but be careful there is a lot of scammers.

Other modding sites - numerous other modding sites have legit sellers that you can purchase from. They won’t be mentioned due to advertising.

The Tech Game - XMB’s sister site has it’s own marketplace where users can B/S/T. Only purchase from stickied or trusted sellers, that way your less likely to get scammed.

TTG Marketplace - The Tech Game - Marketplace

Before you purchase a jtag, read up on tutorials, firmware etc and what you can do with jtags. Too many people buy and ask questions later, they end up not using the console and selling it for a much reduced price about a month later as they don’t know how to use it. If your buying one to host lobbies - i strongly encourage you to change your mind.

Think before you buy.


What type of motherboard do i have?

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You can check what type of motherboard your console has by checking the power supply cable. It’s fairly easy to check, all you need to do is pull out the plug that inserts into your xbox and compare it to this image:


Can my Xbox be Jtagged?

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Another common question is whether peoples xbox is exploitable or not. Again it’s a simple method to work out if it is or isn’t.

All you need to do is go onto that xbox’s dashboard, go to system settings > Console Settings and down to System Info. It should tell you the current Dash your xbox is currently running - Only xbox’s that are running dash version 2.0.7371.0 or lower are exploitable - all others are not.

Exploitable xbox (jtagable) -

Non-exploitable xbox -

You cannot downgrade your xbox to <7371, this is why exploitable jtags are getting rarer by the day.


What can Jtags can do other than host “10th Lobbys”?

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Jtags were originally built for offline use, so obviously they must have a purpose other than using them online for lobbys etc.

Here are some things you can and should do if you own a jtag:

Copy games and movies to your hard drive and play them without the disc.

Run emulators and roms (PS1, GBA, SNES etc)

Modify games and add content that wouldn’t be possible on a retail.

Run custom dashboards (Freestyle dash)

Free XBL Arcade games and DLC

All games are region free

Primiarly jtags are used for CoD, but the most fun you can have is by taking advantage of the things listed above. You can’t beat playing Super Mario on a xbox can you?


Keyvaults (KV) and what they do

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In a nutshell, a kv is used to unban your jtag from online use after Microsoft has previously banned it. Every time your banned from online use, Microsoft use the kv to match your console so when you attempt to connect to Xbox Live your unable to. Thats why you have to use a new kv (which has been extracted from another unbanned console) each time you get banned.

Xenon boards take type 1 & type 2 kv’s - the only jtag to do so.

Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper and all other boards take Type 2 kv’s ONLY

Microsoft have introduced new server checks which have rendered this method useless.
There is a method for getting online, although at this current time only few select individuals know the method and it’s unreleased.

Note - Due to this method being useless i’m not going to waste my time doing a tut how to flash a kv. If this method ever works again i’ll add it.


How to add Xex Menu to your Jtag.

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You cannot use Xex Menu on a retail console - Just Saying.

When people are buying a jtag they often ask for Xex Menu and other things added to the Hard drive which they have to pay extra for. What they don’t realise is, how simple it is to add to your jtag and run.

You can add it to your jtag using an Usb, Transfer Cable or DVD.

For USB -

  1. Make sure your USB is formatted on your xbox (Go to system setting, memory and select your usb and it will prompt you to format). Make sure the USB has no data on it as it will be wiped once formatted.

  2. Plug your USB into your computer.

  3. Create a folder called content on your USB, within that add another called 0000000000000000 (16 0’s).

  4. Insert the Xex Menu file ( CODE999) Into that folder.

  5. Take out your USB and place it in your jtag.

  6. You can then copy it over to your HDD on your jtag

  7. It should be ready to run, look under recent games under game library failing that try pressing the center button on your controller (X), and look under quick launch and recent games.

Transfer Cable

Basically the same as the USB method but you insert the CODE999 (xex menu file) in partition 3 > content > 000000000000000

You can do this by using xplorer360 or Xport 360.


I’ve never seen or done this method myself only just found it - Credit SkaterTG

  1. Burn the CODE999 (xex menu file) to your disc

  2. Take out the disc and insert it on your jtag

  3. Run Xex Menu from the DVD, under the device tab/directory find your DVD then copy the CODE999 file into the partition 3 > content > 00000000000000

It should now be on your HDD

Xex Menu controls -


How To add games to Xex Menu

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You already should have Xex Menu installed on your Jtag - If not, refer to the guide above.

Make sure you have enough space on your HDD to copy the game - 6-8 GB (if your looking at this tutorial, you should have :smile: )

If you haven’t done so already create a folder on your HDD called “Games” or something similar. In that folder you can create another folder with the name of the game your going to be copying - this is so everythings organised and you know which game files are what.

For example if you were copying Modern Warfare 2 - you would name the folder MW2 etc.

When your in the folder of the game you want to copy -

  1. Press Y, Go to Create > Copy DVD

  2. The Disc tary should eject and text should appear on the screen (ignore it)

  3. Insert the disc in your disc tray & Close manually with your hand

  4. Wait 5 to 10 seconds for the disc to start reading, once you can hear it reading - press confirm.

  5. The game should now start copying to your HDD. (IMPORTANT - Don’t let your controller switch off, keep moving the analogue stick every couple of minutes. If your controller switches off, the copying will fail, and you’ll have to start the process again.

  6. If everything has been done correctly then your game should have been copied successfully and should be able to play. In the game folder you can press the right analogue stick, which should automatically put you to the games default.xex - press A to boot the game up.


How to add patches to your games

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This is how you change patches when hosting tenth lobbies etc. Patches are named Patch_mp.ff - don’t change the name.

This is using a USB.

Make sure your USB is formatted with your xbox, and make sure you have your patch on your desktop.

  1. Plug your usb into your computer.

  2. copy/cut and paste the patch onto your USB. A useful tip is to put the patch into a folder with the name of the patch, that way you can distinguish what patch is what. You can put the patch into a folder on your computer or you can make one on your jtag - it’s up to you although making one on your computer is easier and quicker.

  3. Take out your USB and put it onto your jtag and boot up Xex Menu.

  4. Press RB until you come to the devices directory, select USB and go to Patch_mp.ff and press Y - go to copy or cut (doesn’t matter) and then press A.

  5. Go back to the device directory and select your HDD. (HDD1)

  6. Go to games > whatever game the patch is for e.g MW2 > once you see the game files press Y and select paste and then confirm.

  7. The patch should now be successfully changed and should load when you boot up the game.

If you have the patch_mp.ff in a folder, you can paste the folder onto your HDD (wherever you want to keep your patches) and then copy and paste the patch as per above.

To change patch the above proceedure is repeated although obviously with a different patch.

Due to the sites board rules i cannot post any patches here, you may find some in the diamond section though so have a look there :smile:.


Adding Emulators And Roms

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This is for adding emulators such as Snes360 or Genesis360 etc

Make sure you have enough room for the emulators as well as roms on your HDD and make sure your USB is formatted on your xbox.

  1. Download the emulator you wish to add. e.g Snes360

  2. Put it on your USB, take out your USB and put it in your Jtag.

  3. Boot up Xex Menu and go to the device directory > HDD 1 > Content > 000000000000000 (16 0’s) > and paste the emulator there.

  4. You then want to make a new folder at the root of HDD 1. Go back to HDD 1 > make a new folder called _Emus (exactly like that).

  5. Inside the _Emus folder, create a folder called Snes360 and then a folder inside that called roms (where you will put roms for that emulator).

To put Roms onto your Jtag -

  1. Have the roms put on your USB and plug your USB into your Jtag.

  2. Boot up Xex Menu, go to HDD1 > _Emus > Emulator the roms are for e.g Snes360 > Roms and then paste the rom(s) in there.

Once thats done you can boot up the emulator. You should find it it games library. Once booted up go to games and search for the folder you stored the roms in and select the rom you want to play.

Now your free to play games such as super mario or sonic on your Xbox :thumbsup:


Freestyle Dash

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Freestyle dash is a custom dashboard thats used on jtags. It can do multiple things such change the speed of the fans, shows you the temperature of the cpu , customise the colour of the led’s in the xbox and also allows easier access to emulators, homebrew and xbl arcade games through the dash menu and lots of other things.

It’s a great alternative to the standard dash and looks pretty sweet too.

To put on your Jtag -

Make sure your USB is formatted to FAT32 before starting.

  1. Have freestyle dash downloaded and copy the following files to your USB (FreeStyle, Source, Launch, and FSD Indexer.)

  2. Take USB out of your computer and put it in the BACK USB port.

  3. Boot up xex menu and go to your USB go to the launch file and copy “freestyle-usb”

  4. Go to your HDD > HDD1 > content > 000000000000000 (16 0’s) > code999 and create a new folder named exactly - 00007000 then paste the freestyle-usb file into this folder.

Freestyle dash should now be on your jtag, you can boot it up at recent games in the game library.

I’ll be adding more things and updating over the weekend, none of this is copy and pasted - it was all written by me and took about 6-7 hours. If you have any suggestions or feedback or require help on the above things, do feel free to post.

Credit to SkaterTG for inspiring me to make this thread and also for some information from his Jtag Tutorial Thread

this took you 6 - 7 hours? you should see the amount of college work i have to do in that time lol

and the sort of info i was looking for on keyvaults wasn’t really there. tbh there was barely info in that section.

but i guess this will serve well to people who are clueless

Nice tutorial to bad all my Xbox’s have Kinect Dash so no Jtag, but very good tut/guide/thread.

whoa, nice one, now i know what type of jtag i should buy and/or if i want to jtag my current console

It took that time as i was doing other things as well but meh. If you want me to add more info on kv’s i can, i just didnt see the point tbh.

this thread is more for people who don’t know much about jtags and need a bit of help.


Thanks. I’ll be adding more things soon. if you need any more help picking out one - hit me up :smile:

Not a surprise, G7 made another amazing thread :wink:

I thought there was already a thread on the forums like this?
Keep updating with more info. Not bad.

Also, move the spoilers to the middle as well.

I read the whole thing. It’s very nice and everything is accurate. The only issue is spelling errors but that’s it.


I searched for one before posting and couldn’t see one. I had another look when i seen this post and found another thread :confused: . I’ll keep updating it though, i’m not nearly finished with this thread, still got a lot of things to add as well as adding video tuts to go along with the written ones i produced. Edited the spoilers too, for some reason the didn’t center.

Thanks, i know there is a few errors, i’ll go through them once i add more things - that way i won’t have to keep editing mistakes.

very nice tut there :smiley: