Jtag, RGH or Flashed

What is better because I have a xbox 360 elite console so should I jtag it or RGH or Flash and can you tell me adavantages of jtag or rgh

disadvantages of jtag/rgh is you cant go online.

advantage f jtag over rgh is there is no wait time to boot the console which can vary from 10 seconds - a minute depending on what type of console

advantage of rgh ovver jtag is you can rgh any console (including slims) up to dash 15574

both rgh/jtag allows you to run unsigned codes and run things such as trainers (cheat engines), custom apps, and emulators.

you can also run games straight from the hard drive on an rgh/jtag which gives an advantage over flashed, except you can go online with a flashed console

i think i remember you saying you do not go online so if you never plan on going online with that console then just go with getting it jtagged if possible (dash version must be 7371) but if not then get it rghed as long as its not on dash 15574 and up.

I dont care about the boot time so how do I run games of the hard

you have to download the iso from somewhere (torrent, xboxpirate, 360iso) then open the iso in either power iso, xbox backup creator, or anything that reads .iso

then just make a folder like Cod 4 if youre ripping that game, extract all the files into that folder (should have a default.xex file) and place that folder somewhere on your hard drive. Its been about 2 years since if had a jtag so im a little rusty so im not entirely sure where to place them

you can ask chris where exactly to place the ripped iso files on your rgh/jtag

once thats done youll need to open xex menu and find the Cod 4 folder (or whatever game you choose) and look for the default.xex file. run that and the game will start

Only JTAG and RGH can run games off the HDD. (Unless you buy an xK3y) And they both have specific requirements.

You can reference my thread here regarding JTAG and RGH consoles, but if you’re looking to just use burned/pirated games, I would recommend having it flashed or investing in an xK3y.

xk3y. That’s all.

JTAG - Offline fun of taking an xbox for its full potential. + free games. Flash it anyway.
RGH - same? Costs more maybe?
Flashed - Stay up to date on drive FW and whats going on and you can almost always play online without getting banned. Almost.

or even better still grab yourself a dual nand box with one side rgh and one side flash, although these are more expensive to buy but definatley worth it…