Jtag/RGH System Link with XBSlink Tutorial

This tutorial is a WIP. It will soon have pictures to assist the text tutorial and a video tutorial later. I made this so more people with modified consoles become active on system link instead of just buying them to cheat on LIVE.

Me and Konor get pretty bored alone too.
Also somebody asked for help a few days ago on the subject with no replies (just found the [.html"]thread](https://www.wemod.com/forum/23-xbox-360-jtag-rgh-modding/125093-xbslink-help-[will-donate-if-helped) when searching if a tutorial was already made).

For this tutorial you will need the following:

Installation and set-up of XBSlink:

  • Run the executable you downloaded earlier.
  • Click next, I agree, next, install.

Now WinPcap will popup for install (this is required).

  • Click next, next, I agree, install, finish, finish.
  • Start XBSlink and set your nickname on the initial tab.
  • Click save settings.
  • Now click the network tab and remember your internal IP.

Port forwarding:

Because every router configuration is different there’s no global tutorial for opening ports.
This will only cover the basics.

  • Go to your routers web page ( is common but refer to your routers manual to be sure).
  • Find the port forwarding tab/button/link and click it.
  • Click add new port forward/new rule.
  • Set the port as 31415 for both TCP/UPD and the IP as the IP you rememebered from earlier (if you can’t remember open up XBSlink again or switch to it if it’s still open).
  • Click add.

DashLaunch set-up:

  • Download and extract the DashLaunch installer directory to your consoles hard drive.
  • Run the DashLaunch default.xex inside the installer directory.
  • Scroll down to the network tree and expand.
  • Enable pingpatch.
  • Press RB until you get to the save tab.
  • Save to your device.

Using XBSlink:

  • Open up XBSlink (or switch to the one already open if you’ve been following this tutorial) and click start engine at the top left.

  • Click the load button next to the cloud list textbox.

  • Click a network for the game you wish to play to join those already playing.

  • Set a “cloud name”, the “max” number of players and a “password” at the bottom of the application then click create to start your own private network.

Connecting through a game.

  • Start a compatiable game on your Xbox (one that has system link).

  • Navigate the multi player menus until you find system link for your game.

  • Click join game to join those already playing.

  • Click create/host game and tweak the settings to host your own.


Slightly weird xD

Nice tutorial though :smile:

Thanks, Iv been looking for a good tutorial for a while and never found it, but I did now lol

I’m putting money aside for my triple nand Trinity project. I’ll be joining you two soon…

Back when Reach got leaked, xlink kai was so fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Any reason why you prefer this over Xlink?

It doesn’t require sign up. The cloud list is much easier to navigate and you can host your own cloud list for say XboxMB only. After setting your nickname and opening the port it’s 2 button startup, 3 button create game. I also think the throughput is faster.

But Xlink Kai Has More Users Than XBSlink Anyway XBSlink Is Good And Easy P.S

Hey Tucker Can You Post Xlink Kai Thread Also, I Am Looking Forward To It Also To Set It Up With My Xbox 360 Elite So I Can Play Online? :confused:
Great Tutorial By The Way :smile:

Thanks for this tutorial, I know a friend that wants this.

XBSlink also does not work on windows 8.

I’m not sure why not. You’re installing WinPCap too, correct?