JTAG Xbox 360 setup!

hi guys I need to help I don’t know anything about jtag but I know u can do almost anything with it and I want to know how to add a jtag to my xbox with out buying someone jtag xbox what parts do I need and how do I set it up :smile:

If you have no clue what you’re doing I wouldn’t do it. It isn’t even worth the hassle in my opinion to even get one. They’re so useless now

why are they useless tho ppl say u can get any game for free using ubs and more

This is true but they are not what they used to be, they are a little “old” now. If you really want one though, I would recommend buying one from someone else or send your console in, you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

if its old what do ppl use now to mod and stuff tho ?

Software, Hardware, a Soldering Iron, and YouTube tutorials.

when it comes to jtagging a console it isnt as simple as waking up one morning and saying im gonna jtag my 360 one slip is all it takes and youve broke it, all i can suggest is sending it in to someone experienced saving you time and effort and from ruining you console

You could just get a flashed drive or a “xk3y”. But you would still need someone to install and set it up for you. (all xbox 360 mods requires some sort of knowledge). But these things also requires money (to pay for parts, having it installed, replacement xbox, etc.) and a ****-load of patience. especially if you are new to these kind of things.
I’m probably wrong about some parts, but the bottom line is: Will you make a profit?

Unless you are going to be using it for something more than free games just get an xKey. They are easier to install and you can still go online unlike a JTag or RGH. If you have no soldering experience with small electronics I would even attempt to Jtag it myself because you are asking for a pad to be pulled off or a trace to be pulled up. Both of those take some real skill and knowledge to fix.