Juggernaut's Playable in MW3

During a demo of Modern Warfare 3 at Gamescom, Activision revealed a co-op mission that involved one player strapping on a Juggernaut suit and wreaking havoc as a near-invincible walking tank.

The Juggernaut moves as you would expect while wearing a ton of armor: slow and clumsy. I don’t know exactly how that feels to control, but it looked like quite the departure from the normal agility CoD players have grown used to.

The Juggernaut’s co-op buddy provided cover with a sniper rifle and some kind of missile launcher as the Juggernaut waddled down the streets looking for bombs to disarm. The Juggernaut, as expected, can take a lot of bullets to the face before he goes down, but it still seems to require a certain mindset and strategy to play it effectively.

Stay tuned as more info from Gamescom is revealed.

I think this is quite cool, should add a different element to co-op. I could see this being pretty nice in multiplayer aswell.

Aw yeah. Juggernauts are sweet.

Would explain the “Juggernaut” killstreak earned in the Multiplayer trailer when he got a 14 killstreak or whatever.
That would be absolutely rape.

In one of the videos it was a 14 point streak…
EDIT: Stevie bet me to it o_O.

That is going to be an issue for a kill streak. I mean on spec ops you get like 3x as much health as you do in MP so this could be an overpowered kill streak? Or will it be the player controlling it?

Anyways, who knows. The games not out yet and we should wait and see but this sounds convincing.

This is awesome, great find.

They make the game better and harder for those noobs:)

That actually sounds really cool. Love the flood of information coming in from Gamescon and hopefully the same with PAX coming up.

I hope it isn’t in multiplayer, I can see that being a HUGE problem.

Spec ops missions, re-read OP.

If its in MP then jesus.

god damn its going to be fun playing as a jugga in multi
hope we get more then one gun choice though