Just a general intro with gaming IDs and preferences

Just a general introduction, feel free to call me Nick.

Different platforms have different IDs:
Steam: MagusRising
PSN: Skornenicholas

I’ll add some others if I find myself engaged here. I play everything from traditional RPGs, to Legend of Zelda alikes, Dungeon/Loot crawlers like Path of Exile and Diablo, various RTS, multiple MMO/RPG, and competitive, mostly team, shooters. It’s nice to meet everyone, if you’re into any of those games, hit me up, maybe we can game sometime.

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Hi welcome to wemod. Nice place here and lots of friendly people and good help if you need it
Well have fun !

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Welcome to the community.

Welcome fellow RTS/RPG gamer! :wave:
Good having you here. :slight_smile:

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