Just Cause 2 SaveGame Editor

(I looked on XboxMB but I didn’t find this mod thus I puts this tool to Download)

Just Cause 2 SaveGame Editor (Mod Tool) : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Enjoy :smiley:

Pictures please…
What does it mod?

oh, and virus scan please

No virus :stuck_out_tongue:

lolibox, You downloaded it ?

Sorry, was eating dinner…
I aint downloading anything before you post a virus scan!

VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

and this tool has been posted already

If you post a Virus Scan ill test it.
We need it just incase!

How to make a scan virus please ? :interrobang:

You have a Anti-Vir right?
Get your Virus Results and post them on here

Well Virus Scan the file on you Anti-Vir. If you dont have one you need to get one Urgently.
For Example get Avast. Its Free and Great! :thumbsup:

OH ! Sorry, I had not seen that sent me the link… :expressionless:

Sorry, I didn’t see >.<

Hi Thanks For The Post

You’re welcome :smile: but…

Don’t Say “Thanks” Click on the button Please :thumbsup:

ive seen this tool plenty of times

they should add this in horizon

Of Course :thumbsup:

why does it say the webpage is not available

This thread is almost 5 years old and megaupload was shut down so that link is no good.

Just use the Just Cause 2 save editor that’s in Horizon, it works great.

And please don’t bump old threads in the future.