Just saying Hello World

I love the new GUI and was finishing up some of the tasks on the home screen. I haven’t message boarded in a decade! I play strategy, RPGs, and action/adventure games on Steam @gamefreak137

My first modding exp was Beachhead 2000, modifying .txt files to grant more ammo on each level.
Then I found a love for the .sol editor on coffeebreakarcade and newgrounds flash games (RIP Flash)
I got a job doing mobile game development for a short stint and discovered the joys of .apk editors.
Prior to discovering WeMod, CheatEngine was my primary mode of modding my games on the fly, and this app is freakin’ awesome! I haven’t opened CheatEngine in months, and now fear I may be getting rusty :wink:


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Hey Welcome to the Community!!!

Yeah I used to use CheatEngine too but I got way tired of having to redo all my cheats the next time I started the game lol (I am not experienced enough to prevent that). WeMod is pretty awesome and very useful :smiley: