Killing Taniks 4 times in one nightfall

We were using 4th Horseman (Playstation Exclusive) and had it stacked with arc burn. Absolutely insane

You could have killed the tank SO much faster. Don’t even shoot the legs, shoot the little rocket pod next to the main cannon that charges up and shoots arc rounds. Literally takes 3 P&T, QB, or any arc fusion rifle shots and it’s dead.

For some reason, it hits the pod with around 7k damage, while the body of the tank takes around 75,000.

I wish all the nightfalls had specialist!

Can’t wait for September, So tired of all these silly Sony exclusives.

Wasn’t focused on it at all. Was having too much fun with Taniks and once we got to the tank we took our time. But thanks for the tip

God yes Hawkmoon all the way cant wait for this

Okay, I’ve been seeing this same topic posted all over the r/DestinyTheGame page, but I have yet to see any fireteam kill him that many times…let alone that fast!

…I knew Bungie buffed The 4th Horseman because the weapon was horrible, but I’m lost for words on how strong that weapons is now; especially since I’ve read of people beating Skolas with it!

Thanks for the share.

Queenbreaker’s Bow all the way! I also can’t wait for the PS exclusives but all my hype is for Hawkmoon!