Kinect Dashboard Arrives Nov. 1st! - Warnings

The Kinect Dashboard for the Xbox 360 will arrive today bringing with it many new features ready for the motion controllers launch in November. With the Kinect Dashboard update comes a warning telling those using drive firmware modifications not to update just yet due to unspecified issues/protections preventing certain games from loading.


What happens if i hottswaped?

it’s actually coming sometime in November

Well it says it comes out today

If it was coming today it would of been released by now.

no it wouldnt it could be released any time today

Who told you that microsoft? :smile:

Yes, Donald Trump is my dad

Kinect is released on the 4th.
So the dash needs to be out before that.

Not much of a time frame.

They could release it a day before that :wink:.

It’s going to be cool for 5 minutes. Then people are going to forget all about it.

lol nice come back like it, any way sometime in November for the dashboard.( but i all ready got it weeks ago to me it just a dashboard when u seen 1 u seen them all)

NO not in November! becuse Kincet comes out 4 or 5 + i am on the beta ok?

Nothing, hot swapping isn’t a drive modification lol.

Apparently it’s coming out in November not today.
Twitter / Daniel Maher: Apologies to everyone who’ …

You beat me to it :anguished:

Something tells me that I’ll have no problems waiting until november for this :wink:. Just by looking at the picture for 5 minutes I’m already disinterested. I’ll eat my words if any of the new features interest me though!

Hope it comes today cause i updaited yesterday to the beta^^

today is the early release get happy!!!

if this is true i am happy any idea when it comes out