Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Everything works except XP- any chance for an update?


so, eventhough this trainer is not compatible, but almost everyhting the cheat options is working fine for this version…nice …

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The only thing that I really had trouble getting to work was the Infinite Item mod…and it was intermittent. It seems like it worked on some things sometimes and other things at other times. Definitely playable, no question about it.


Max Reputation seems to not be working even when refreshing the in-game menu. :smiley: I am using the steam version for reference. Everything else works ok though.


Could we get an update please?


If you’re having issues with bandits being on your side, mainly failing the quest “Baptism of Fire” do the following:

Load the save before you teleport to the battle, then:

Then talk to Sir Divish, quest fixed.
The “Max Rep” cheat gives 100 rep to bandits & Cumin, and they become allies, so when you kill them in quests it’ll give you the prompt “Too many men have died.” If you follow this quick fix, it’ll fix things.
I suggest not using the max rep cheat, it breaks the game. If you have max wealth, you can farm rep the old fashioned way by going to merchants, haggle, pay more for goods than asked.


Is there any way we can get a current update for the steam version?


It’s been over 2 years… I can’t imagine it’s a high priority. We can use our upvotes though… may help?


Everything works great with the windows verison what’s wrong with the steam?

says not compatible :frowning: i have the steam version


para la ultima versión no es compatible , por favor actualizar

The cheats aren’t working for me. Steam version


That’s a nice trainer, but I also agree that it could go with an update. Also, a nice idea would be to add
the bow reticle as a cheat, rather than having to type the command for it every time. Thank you
for your hard work!

hey Mr.AntiFun wondering if your willing to make a xp multiplier like idk up 6x

Hi these possible put the invisible cheat, stealt mode?
thank you