Kingdom Come Deliverence mods not working

Been trying to use the may 13th mods and not one of them works for me, it says they’re activated, but i still die, have stamina depilation, instant kills don’t work, etc…not sure what to do, and whenever i look at the mods, it just says “In development” is that why the may 13th ones don’t work?

Looks like there are two current trainers and a third in development:

I would recommend using the other trainer by STN and see if that works. Otherwise, your best bet is to wait for the new trainer to be released.

Neither of them work for me :confused: I tried the first one by STN and then tried the most recent may 13th one, and nothing ._. Ty for taking the time to respond @User_N4m3

You’re welcome! Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll have to wait until the new trainer is released.