Kingdom Hearts 3 Trainers

Just wondering if there is going to be a KH3 trainer in the future?


We just have to wait until enough people download the game on their computers. The PC app for wemod senses the game and if there is enough people with the game downloaded then it pops up in the queue for one of the modders to make a trainer. So let’s pray more people download the game so wemod will start making the trainer.

Meanwhile I’m waiting to buy the game when WEMOD makes a trainer for it. The circle of life lol.

here’s hoping…

@axar29dude we have to just wait and see. I am hopeful as well.

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I found a trainer that currently works great for kingdom hearts 3.

It’s the same trainer guys that make the trainers for wemod. Just download and have fun.

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Will there be one for Chain of Memories and Birth by Sleep? Or Dream Drop Distance?

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Here you go: KINGDOM HEARTS III Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games :slight_smile:

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