Kingdom hearts final mix trainer all items not working properly

I use the wemod remote app for options changing, when I try to use the all materials, consumables or any “all item” code, it doesn’t work properly or seems to overwrite some items with only some of said item

@MichaelSteven tested as well

I can validate the issue that @uzimakiuchiha is experiencing. I am experiencing as well. I tested KH1 with the we mod remote app and any of the obtain any all item code is not functioning for me. These options only work when i activate them on the we mod desktop app without the we mod remote app.

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Sorry this cheat isn’t working. We’re working on the remote and will be releasing a big update soon. It will address all the issue that have been reported to date.

Does it work if you use the controls in the desktop app, or do you have to press the hotkeys?

@frank it does work if you use the controls or press the hot keys. It is just on the remote app these specific trainer options do not work. I have had no issues with the desktop app whats-soever.

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Thanks @MichaelSteven for helping me bro, I appreciate it!
And yeah, I also got it working with hot keys (can’t test the app button right now but I’m sure it works of he got it too)

@uzimakiuchiha yeah no problem. @frank was asking if it works on the desktop app not the remote app.

I think it does, because the function keys seem to work fine, so it’s JUST the remote app with the issue, and only options that you “press” to activate, as opposed to turn on and off, or slide (which all work)

@uzimakiuchiha Correct.