Kingdom Two Crowns Cheats and Trainer for Steam

could you add an option for unlimited gems?
It would be helpful, because you there is a limited amount of them
and you could add something like always day/night, so i wouldnt need to worry about greed attacking


Hello. Can you release the trainer for GOG version?

Please add “Unlimited Diamonds”.


Not working

i would love more beggar option…

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Is it possible to add the function of quickly generating population (quick recruitment)?

This still works with the latest update (1/23/2023). I was able to use the bottomless gold pouch, fast build, and super run with no issues. Just in case anyone was wondering.

No cheats are working for me, they just turn themselves off

Love this but just wanted to point out that if you turn on instant construction then I can’t make knights for some reason.

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Tried it again after reading this, still none of the cheats work for me

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None of the stuff works, they all turn off automatically. Please fix the issue

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Please update :frowning:

Can you please release new stuff like spawn all hermits, infinite gems, instant access to stone and iron, more beggar spawning?

it’s been 3 years from now. i would love to have more beggar spawning. for new lands it made very fun way to progress through the story

Please add a fast forward cheat.
This is the main thing this game is missing.