Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Tool

Title: Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

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Mods Wanted: Money, Skill Points(If possible) & whatever else that can be modded.

I have the game but everytime I post a link to the save people say it’s broken or something. Sorry, It’d be really nice to have a full editor for this game since you haven’t made 1 for Skyrim :cry:

we still need a save though as it has the checksums and such on the file

here i have my save i dont know what info you need but here’s the file


I second this tool. I would love to see a tool made for this. Money is the main thing since, with money you can clear your states at a fateweaver, and then use money to train. The other would be to increase inventory space.

Chars name is Jade

There is a tutorial on how to mod money, but everytime I try it, my save locks up and wont load. Not sure if there is a checksum or not being an EA game.

Anyone want to upload the default.xex for us to look at? Thanks!

I hope they make one soon I love this game.

Xyber - I followed the tutorial for your save but I dunno if it works cause it says you have DLC I don’t. You have the preorder stuff right? I tried it on my own save and it works fine. Went from 474 gold to 1,000,000,000.

My bad if you’ve done this already.


What’s the point in modding this game and making it boring?

I’ve played legit and have about 1.8million gold and don’t even spend it anymore.
Take it from personal experience, once you mod an rpg game for skills, gold, etc, you get bored of it really fast.

Off topic:Is this game any good? Because I was going to buy it.

It seems pretty amazing so far, like a Fable / Dragon Age mixture. That’s the way I see it anyway.

OT: I’d love to see a tool for this as well. I have my legit save, but I always have fun with a extra modded save :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve played a lot of rpg games. This is one of the best I’ve ever played.
I’m actually still playing it right now haha.

In terms of total game time versus other games on 1 playthrough
KoA: Reckoning- 37+ hours and counting
Skyrim- 40+ hours, then got bored
Oblivion- 70+ hours
Dragon Age- 30 hours
Dragon Age 2- 40 hours
Blue Dragon- 20 hours
KuF: Circle of Doom- 40+ hours
Fable 1- 20 hours
Fable 2- 20 hours
Fable 3- 30 hours

I liked Fable a lot! But Dragon Age not so much… but I’ll probably end up getting it.

Reminds me of a Fable/Skyrim mixture. Fable with the graphics and gameplay, Skyrim mostly because of the skills. >.<

May I remind everyone, this is the Horizon Suggestion’s section.

Please keep on subject or I will close this.

Where do I find this at so i could upload it?

Tool for this game would be fantastic, money is easy to mod manually so I’m not too fussed. For those people having trouble with it you should just search for your Character name, and in the 2nd instance count back 8 bytes and overwrite the first 4 bytes with the hex of your desired Gold.

Anyway back on topic as requested: Money, Ability Points, Skill Points, XP (also easy to do manually), Inventory space would all be fantastic in a tool

As for the default.xex, here ya go: default.xex

Oh btw it’s patched for Dev Kit, Region Free and Media-check Free, and other than that untouched.

Is is game even that good? I was going to buy it but not if its a skyrim knock off.

Thats on topic right?

^I’ll PM you for the sake of the topic not digressing…I’d hate to see the topic get derailed and thus closed.

A mod tool for this game would take quite a bit because of the loot being randomized. Plus it would have to be kinda like Borderlands and it’s Willowtree mod tool, what with being able to mod the parts of your weapon, in which it changes your effects. But it would be welcome and be very helpful instead of hex editing this game.

I’d like to see an editor for this game as well.