Kink's Minecraft Server [Cracked][TNT Enabled][Mess Around]

Kink’s Minecraft Server

Hey guys, I figured I’d start running a minecraft server for everyone to mess around on, you can build but since tnt is enabled, I don’t think that would be wise. :wink:

~TNT is allowed, but with that being said…moderation is a must, when I say TNT enabled…you may build houses out of tnt and blow that up…anymore then 700 TNT at a time will result in a ban and a new map to be generated.
~Do not disrespect any other users, there is no warning…you will be banned.
~If a user tells you to not destroy or mess with their stuff, don’t.

Administrator - I don’t need to explain this one. :stuck_out_tongue:
Moderator - Moderating, just ask…if I trust you, I’ll promote you.
Pyromaniac - Access to /item for TNT, etc. I will promote you if I trust you.

Server IP/Server Information:
This server will not be left online 24/7, it will be online when I or others feel like having fun. If you want to talk to users, check out the .

Server Status(Updated Realtime):
Server IP:

I will have it down if at the moment no one is playing, message or leave a post on my wall and I’ll turn it on.

Have Fun, :smile:.


I might get on.

I will come on, sounds pretty cool :smile:

outdated client? whut?

Moderator - Moderating, just ask…if I trust you, I’ll promote you.

May I have mod?

May I have PyroManiac? :smiley:

Server is full.

Updated the limit.

Damnit. It’s full.

Going to join this soon :smiley:
I know you trust me kink :wink:

I keep getting this too.

Sorry, I had to restart the server, try now.

Is it offline I can’t connect?

nvm i’m on

when i try to open up minecraft, some java error pops up.Any one knows what it is?
I really want to play on this sever:(

I’ll be joining this. :smiley:

My TnT Mountain Fetish :smiley:

pyromaniac plox? minecraft name = username

kinky isnt on :cry:

This server is gonna go nowhere sorry… TNT?