[L4D2] Can I Get VAC Banned Local Server?

I didn’t know local servers were vac protected and I was stupid enough to use it on a local survival server and played for 15 minutes before closing the game what are the chances of me getting vac banned? It’s been about 18 hours now and I’m unsure how long it can take. I’m a bit paranoid since it’s my main account and I’m unsure if WeMod is undetected by L4D2 VAC or not. I just want to know my chances.

Wemod’s stance has been clear since the beginning: the trainers are not to be used in multiplayer. Any risks you take are your own.

I get that lol I’m more so asking for people’s opinions and if the trainer is undetected and the chances of being VAC’d are? I mean I think it’s obvious you cheat online you always run the risk but what are the chances of said risk.

Anyways I haven’t been VAC’d yet and I asked a very popular hacking site mpgh their opinion and I got a response from a mod and they said considering how old VAC is on L4D2 it hasn’t been updated in a while and a lot of their trainers/hacks as of recent for L4D2 remained undetected so its safe to assume this one is as well. They said with L4D2 usually you get vac’d pretty quick if you use a detected trainer/hack. Only CS:GO and Dota ban in waves TF2, CS:S, and L4D 1/2 are usually instant to a few day delay from their understanding. Of course this info isn’t 100% but it is most likely the pattern of recent years given the listed games age and popularity.

Basically Valve only keep up with their most popular titles. Hopefully this gives anyone some insight looking into this. However I suggest being careful and NEVER use your main account with VAC games when it comes to trainers/hacks however workshop items are 100% safe. If you do use your main profile make sure to -insecure in your launch options it’ll disable VAC.