Laptop Overheating when browsing the internet!

So, I have a problem, my ‘Mobo’ on my laptop is getting to just under 60c when browsing the internet, the laptop is 4 months old-ish, it never used to get this hot, it used to be around the 40c mark!

Another thing is, just as i am on Firefox or chrome my CPU utilization goes up to 70% then to 20% and then back up, the CPU seems to be in Intel Turbo Boost mode all the time with the speed above the maximum instead of the old regular speed of 0.75ghz when browsing the internet.

Can someone help? I would be very thankful if they could.

P.s Just in case some people say this is normal, it never used to be like this.

have you downloaded any uh pr0n recently

If you’re asking if i have downloaded any malicious program, no I haven’t and I have already ran a virus scan.

I might scan again. :worried:

Try hitmanpro.

Just trying that now, thanks.

Just ran a Windows Memory Diagnostic, and now the CPU speed is back to normal when idle (0.75ghz), if it happens again i will try more options, thanks everyone who helped.

EDIT: It was back to normal but is now at 60c (Motherboard) with Firefox and Steam open, should I check my laptop for any dust ?

Multiple Virus Scans have turned up with nothing.

I would open it and remove all the dust with some compressed air. Worked for me.

Yeah, I will try that but I am reluctant to take it apart as I am clumsy, will it work just as good if I use it without taking it apart?

Didn’t work for me. But it could just depend on how thick the layer of dust is.

Look for a disassembly video of your laptop model on YouTube. Follow the steps, take it slow and im sure you will do fine.

What is running the most on the CPU in task manager? I had an issue in Windows 8 (now on linux)

I varies between certain windows processes bu then it is still overheating with 6% utilization.

Have you ever considered that your fan is under performing or damaged, or that heat components such as your thermal paste/heat sink/thermal pad need reapplication?

Yes, but I haven’t took any action or looked at the fan closely.

Here’s the temperatures now with a cooling pad.

This is with just Firefox (2 Tabs) and Steam open, playing no games.

Either something is broken or the side vent is clogged with dust. I would open and clean it. Just be careful with the connectors and screws.