Launch options in Steam not recognized by Infinity

Dear all, I have an issue with Infinity and Max Payne 3 on steam, to activate the game in french I have to add as launch option: -language french, it works if launching the game via Steam, but with infinity, it’s definetively not the case, game is in english. Could you please tell me how to add this launch option in Infinity.

Many thanks in advance.

You probably can’t do that with Infinity but what you can do is start the trainer after the game.

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Hey @Ocramz, sorry for the inconvenience. Currently we don’t have a way for users to add custom launch options.

This feature request has been noted and you can expect to see custom launch options specific to each game and Infinity wide options sometime in the next month or two.

Thanks for letting us know!

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Did you add the -language french launch option manually in Steam, or does Steam add it automatically for you?

Hm, maybe this works…

Yes I did it manually

I tried but it doesn’t work.

Many thanks for the answer, I will try how to figure it out to launch infinity after I launched my game.

It is pretty simple. Just launch the game yourself and press play in Infinity.

This seems to not work, but, do I have to be in game and then opening infinity ? Because I tried to launch the game with infinity already opened, and when clicking on play button it give me an error message.

You shouldn’t have to launch infinity after the game. You could try it though. Post the error you got.

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Thanks it works