Launch options?

How can I add launch options to WeMod? I can’t find it in the app and shortcuts don’t seem to work. Thanks.

What launch options are you wanting to add? If you are referring to game launch options that is not possible and you will need to add them through Steam, UPlay, Etc.

Hi! I know this post is long old, but I want to ask anyways: I want to add a launch option to a cracked game that’s not in the Steam Uplay or Epic games. I added the game as an external game in Steam, and added the launch option there, which works, but I cannot add this steam shortcut to WeMod. So I’m having difficulties launching the game using WeMod with launch options.

WeMod does not support cracked games. We are a legitimate and law-abiding company (who also wants to stay on the good side of game developers rather than having them finding ways of blocking trainers from working in their games), we cannot and will not deliberately provide a platform for illegal activity.