Left 4 Dead 2 Modding Tool?

Hey guys I am having trouble using the Left 4 Dead 2 modding tool… last time I heard they made an update after the map pack “The Passing” came out making it to where you cant mod anymore. I guess you can still mod it after the update? Not sure but when I try to open the UserSettings file I had on my hard drive, it does not come up with anything, its just blank. When I try opening a random modded UserSettings file from google it comes up with this (see picture below)

When I try saving the file, it gives me this error:

EDIT: I have figured it out, just wondering if any Left 4 Dead 2 Mods work online anymore.

Hmm… weird, try with diffrent save?
are you running it as Admin?

Running Horizon as admin? Yes, I am a administrator on my account. I also have Diamond.

Right Click -> Run as admin. Also try with diffrent save?

What kind of save? Another modded one?

Another save, your opening L4D2 save with it right?

Yes, I am opening the “UserSettings” file I found in Xport 360 under the game Left 4 Dead 2. When I open that one in horizon it just stays blank.

I havent used L4D2 tool so im not 100% sure, but i think you got the wrong file.

Maybe this will help you: https://www.wemod.com/forum/19-horizon-modding/4288-complete-guide-horizon.html

its because its not modded yet bro i think u have to mod it urself idk ive never modded it cuz i dont play it i think its trash but idk man

Well UserSettings file is the only kind you can have in the folder. Its just one file and its called “UserSettings” I havent found anything else in it yet…

2.8 Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 isn’t exactly the easiest game to mod and if you’ve played Steam games on PC you’ll pretty much know how it works. I admit I do not know all the commands off the top of my head, so credits to the original finder/poster of them. I’ll try to explain how to do this in the simplest way possible.

So, to start off start up a game of Left 4 Dead 2 a choose your USB as the device to save to. Once you’ve done this the UserSettings file should be save to your USB device and you should be ready to start modding.* Once you’ve saved the file to your USB open up Horizon and go into the Memory Unit Manager tool. Find your profile directory and navigate to the folder which says ‘Left 4 Dead 2’, in that should be the file ‘UserSettings’. Highlight this file and the L4D2 icon should appear, click this and the game modder should appear ready for you to edit.

Once it’s open the first thing you’ll see is a whole bunch of settings, you don’t need to worry about these just yet, so where you see the words ‘left4dead2_cfg_pri.cfg’ click that drop down menu and select ‘left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg’, this is where you get to mod. When you see the .cfg contents you’ll see binds for each button on the controller, the modding you will do will pretty much make these into commands you want. For example, if you wanted to spawn a Boomer by pressing the A button you would change the A bind to “A_BUTTON” “z_spawn boomer”.

Here are the spawn commands:

Now say you wanted to bind the B button to give you an ak47 you would change the B bind to “B_BUTTON” “give rifle_ak47”

Here are the give commands:’

Here are other frequently used commands which can also be binded:

These are the levels which work with the ‘changelevel’ command:

Now we’ll move on to the bindToggle command. You can use the bindToggle command to use one button to turn on and off certain mods such as god mode and infinite ammo. So if you wanted to bindToggle with the X button it would look like:

bindToggle “X_BUTTON” “infinite_ammo”

That should be it for modding Left 4 Dead 2, just remember to replace “x” with your command, e.g bind “BACK” “x”. You can change all the button commands with the ones shown. Once you have finished modding your UserSettings file press the save button and your file will be rehashed, resigned and saved back onto your USB for use.

There, see the link i posted before for the commands.

Re-Download Maybe?

Hey im new here and since you guys are on the topic i have a question. How do iget my user settings to my labtop and do ieven have to d that to mod l4d2?

I can’t even download horizen it keeps saying error ERROR!!! Im starting to thing think this does not work its so glitchy might as well play left 4 dead 2 on the pc and go to keybord and mouse and enable building and cheat codes. THISS WEB BETTER THINK FAST! or they are going to lose their money on the front page it should say u have our every need MONEY!

Going to have that ingraved! Just create a new thread asking for help. Be polite and I’m sure most people here will be more than happy to assist you.

What ZzsNaKezZ said. And please don’t bump old threads.

Try downloading Horizon from here: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php


when i would go onto a diff chapter in dark carnival (for example) i cant spawn anything and the only thing left were the mods i used last chapter and cant turn them off or do anything with them, also i was wondering what the command was for the crouching super speed and the super melee if anyone can help that would be much appericated

This is 10 years old.