Left for Dead 2 modded gameplay

Just uploaded the first of a series i’ll be doing on Left for dead 2… already have 4 more episodes recorded, going to go through and do all the campaigns and split each episode up by each saferoom that way videos are not too long…
Only going to to commentary/voice chat when I play with friends because it feels kind of awkward talking by myself…ill do that atleast untill I get more comfortable with youtube.

Here’s the first of No Mercy:

I will edit this thread as more come out (If I remember…)

2 subs away from that big 10 subscriber milestone! lol

EDIT: also…first video was under 6 minutes, the other 4 i have recorded are around 10 minutes each

Edit: EPISODE 2!!

EDIT: Episode 1 of Dead Center, this one has commentary.

If anyone has any advice on how I can improve, please let me know.

Dead Center part 2

Another edit yet again…
read the description on this one…

just a little preview on how i’m expanding mods, and i turned up graphics settings to max…doesn’t count as a real upload tbh, just a little bonus clip i had no plans on uploading @frank gave me the idea to change the common zombies… I have 2 other ones planned for different campaigns, but that will be a secret for now, at least until i do another preview video

Edit again again again…:

I wonder how many I can put in this thread…

Edit: well let’s see…


Up to 10 subs now. 1 was me broski!

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thanks man! I really appreciate it! Any feedback you can give me would be great aswell

  • More jokes needed, your monologue gets a little repetitive.

  • Maybe too much swearing. I don’t know, I swear a lot myself and it bothers some people, especially when I’m around kids. And you know there’s a ton of kids and overprotective parents lurking around the internet.

  • Your voice is alright. Not great but not terrible either.

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ty for the feedback. I know I swear too much… I’ll try to cut back on it next time.
I agree with you, I feel like I was being a bit repetitive with some things aswell.

As for my voice, I dislike the way my voice sounds on recording lol

ty to everyone who gives me feedback, i’ll need as much advice as I can get so I can become a better youtuber
Edit: edited main post and put more videos

Edit again: @sNaKe took your advice, tried to have stuff not be as repetitive, and toned the wearing down a lot.

gonna have those up in the future
Edit: edited main post with another upload

Okay, I would say that the monologue in the zoidberg edition was an improvement. It’s still a little boring though IMO. Have you watched anger management (with charlie)? There’s a guy there, I think his name is Nolan. He’s a “stoner” or “pot head” and can be funny sometimes. Maybe try imitating him a little? I think your voice fits the “role”.

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Anger management with Adam Sandler? I think I watched part of it awhile ago.

I’m not a stoner/pot head, it’s funny that you think my voice fits that role xD

I’ll look it up in a little bit xD

No, this one: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1986770/