Little disapinted in WeMod The Outlast Trais

So why isint going to be a The Outlast Trails cheat? I know from reading off different websites that people use cheat engines to adjust xp and stamina. I have 6 games I play on Wemod 3. Of them is online, and there’s also an advert for death stranding being free, and I know that’s an online game…

It’s based off the number of people playing a given game. If a lot of people plays a certain game, it’s likely a trainer would be made for it, due to its high popularity. But if too few people play a game, it’s less likely a trainer would be made for it. It’s nothing personal. It’s just numbers.

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What @Fibby76 said.

Plus the game is in early access.

Early access games update very frequently. Which means the trainers will break very frequently, constantly taking time away from other trainers to fix it.

If it’s economical for WeMod to create a trainer for it (ie, because it is very popular amongst WeModders), then a trainer will be considered.

The game is completely server-sided. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done for it.

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